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Brock Huerkamp

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Timeline

Timeline Let's Start a Revolution... The Magna Carta The Story The Story Overview The Full Story Shay's Rebellion Shay's rebellion was an armed uprising that took place In Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787. The rebellion was caused by financial problems caused by post-war economic depression, a credit squeeze caused by a lack of hard currency, and fiscally hard government. The protestors shut down courts to stop judicial hearings for tax and debt collections. They became radicalized to the state government after arrests of a few of their leaders. The Magna Carta required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not random. The First Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from the twelve colonies, except Gerogia. They met on September 5, 2774 in Philadelphia. The convention was called in response to the passage of the Coercive Acts by the British Parliament, which punished Boston for the Boston Tea Party. 1786 1215 First Continental Congress 1774
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