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Stock Market

No description

Aakash Shrestha

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Stock Market

Table of Contents: What is 'Stock'? - Share in the ownership

- Equity stake

- Difference between the assets and the

- Future profitability History of
'Stocks' Stock Market

Expand their business

Financial Crisis

Comparatively better than 'Loan'
Why companies issue Stock? 'A Systematized and regulated financial place'
Stock Market in 12th century, France

Pioneer: Amsterdam Stock Exchange

17th century, the era of Stock Market Stock Market Presented by:
Aakash Shrestha
Amarinder Singh
Suraj Hirani
Harsh Ojha Introduction
What is 'Stocks' and why companies issue it?
Types and classes of Stocks
What is 'Stock Market'?
How Stock Market operates?
Factors affecting Stock Prices
Conclusion Types of 'Stocks' Meaning
Voting Privileges
Preference of claims in bankruptcy
Limited Liability
Rate of return
High risk Involved 2) Preferred Stock: Share of ownership

No voting right

Guaranteed fixed dividend

Preference during bankruptcy


Considered debt than equity
Different Classes of Stock: Customize Stock:
- Different Rights
- Voting Power Changes Different classes of Stock are defined as:

(Taking the example of Reliance Industries into consideration)

- RIL (A)
- RIL (B)
- RIL (C) How Stock Market works? 1) Intraday trading or Equity trading

2) Long term investment or Blue chip investment

3) Futures and Option

4) Initial Public Offering

Virtual Stock Market:
Factors affecting Stock Prices We welcome 'Questions' 1) Common Stock: Example of Common Stock Examples of Preferred Stock
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