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The Lost Hero

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero
By: Olivia Dres

In the Lost Hero, Jason, Leo, and Piper go on a quest to find Hera, the god of all gods. Leo is seeing the sleeping garden lady, who is telling him to betray his friends. Jason is seeing Hera, who is telling him to come save her. Piper is seeing a giant, who is telling her to either die with her friends or live with her dad.
Main Characters
This story takes place in many different places, which include:
Camp Half-Blood, Quebec, Michigan, Chicago, Omaha, Oklahoma, The Bay Area, and California.
Final Thoughts
The lost hero is an amazing book. Anybody can read it! It is full of adventure and cliff hangers. You should read this book, not only because it is very interesting, but also because it has awesome word choice, it uses imagery, and amazing metaphors and similes.
Jason is the son of Zeus. Hera stole his memory, so he can survive in Camp-Halfblood. Jason is on a quest to rescue Hera, even though the prophecy says when Hera is released her rage will destroy everything. Jason doesn't care because he wants his memory back. Jason, Leo, Piper, and four others are supposed to rescue Hera, well thats what the prophecy says.
Piper is the daughter or Aphrodite. The mist changed her memory, so that she thought she was in a relationship with Jason. She always convinced people to give her stuff, she would just ask and they would give it to her, after they realized what they did, they would call the police. She is seeing a giant that has her father and he is telling her to betray her friends.
Leo is the son of Hephaestus. He is fire-resistant, and he can make fire. He fixed a broken, bronze dragon, that he named Fetus. Leo is seeing a sleeping, garden lady, that is telling him to betray his friends. When Leo was little that same lady showed up and killed his mother in her workshop, with fire. The police thought that Leo did it, and made him go to foster homes but Leo always ran away.
This is a great book, you should read it!
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