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SA&FS General Advising

No description

Shea Robinson

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of SA&FS General Advising

We are all different learners
with varying needs for one-on-one advising.
Follow LILIANA >>>
Follow JADDA >>>
Follow NELSON >>>
Follow NATALIE >>>
Follow JEFF >>>
The Online Advising Student Information System is a way for students to receive advising, access degree worksheets, and track GPA.
Class Search Tool:
Need help searching for classes? Class Search Tool will tell you when your classes are available, how many seats are open, CRN, and lots of other important information you should know before registration.
Who goes to advising?
SA&FS General Advising
Who are your advisers?
We want you to feel as supported as possible!
You may be asking yourself . . .
Who goes to advising?

With which adviser do I meet?

Do I make an appointment? How?

What materials do I need to prepare ?

I'm scared. Are the advisers friendly?
So many questions might have you screaming
Don't worry . . . that's why we created this Prezi!
I am a transfer student in my first quarter at UCD!

How can advising help me?
I'm ready to graduate! What do I do now?
I'm a current UCD student who wants to change my major to SA&FS!

What do I do now?
This is my first year!

How can advising help me?
I'm a current SA&FS Student.

Am I on track to graduate?
How can advising help me?
Students who . . .

are in their first year at UC Davis

are transferring into the major

would like advice on classes (including choosing their restricted electives)

are getting ready to graduate

want to talk about career options and/or graduate school

drop in for a quick hello and give an update on current successes
After UCD has received your transcripts, an adviser can double check which of the classes you have taken at your previous university satisfies SA&FS major requirements
If any of your previous classes can be
for SA&FS major requirements, fill out the major modification petition and have it signed by your Track Adviser and the Major Adviser.
Go through track form and find out which courses you haven't taken
Update your three-quarter study plan
Ask any questions you have about remaining classes
Meet with Staff or Peer adviser
one quarter

before graduation
to confirm all requirements have been satisfied
Make sure that any signed paperwork needed is on file and all internship units are completed
get oriented to the major
create a three-quarter study plan during orientation or in the advising office at 1303 Hart Hall
check back in at the end of the year to make adjustments as necessary
learn ways to connect with fellow students
We all do!
to guide your preparation before you meet with an adviser
Any last questions?
What do I do if I have an Incomplete (I)?
The rules governing resolutoin of Incompletes are dictated by the college/department offering the course, but general information is available from the Registrar's Office.

Some quick facts:
You are the one responsible for understanding the policy and following through until you receive a grade.
You have three succeeding quarters following the Incomplete to make up the work
After three succeeding quarters, if work has not been completed, the grade will become an F
Oh no! I failed a class. Now what do I do?
Make an appointment with the Staff Adviser for further consultation on next steps.
Can a major requirement that is graded be taken as pass/no pass?
No, all major required classes with letter grading must be taken for a letter grade.
ASI Website:
The Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UCD provides various resources and support for the SA&FS major including a website where students can find all advising forms, learn more about the major, learn about the happenings on the Student Farm, and research job and internship possibilities.
Is it better to drop in or make an appointment?
The advising team wants to have the opportunity to give you their full attention. Emergencies can be handled as drop-ins, but always make an appointment to ensure your answers are given their due respect!
Meet with Galyna Erdman, the staff adviser, for SA&FS
Discuss academic standing
Walk through the Change of Major form and get approval from Staff Adviser
**Please contact Dianne Stassi to make appointment with Tom Tomich
Staff Adviser:
Will Horwath (Track 1)
Peer Advisers:
Kenna Fallan
Major Adviser:
Ryan Galt
Track Advisers:**
Ryan Galt (Track 2)
Tom Tomich (Track 3)
Shea Robinson
Galyna Erdman
Track I
Track II
Track III
Visit the Registrar's website for more information:
Create a three-quarter study plan during orientation or in the advising office at 1303 Hart Hall
You now have a deeper comprehension of the SA&FS advising process!
**If any new needs arise, please check back in with this prezi.
It will always be here to help!
File for graduation by filling out the Online Graduation Application found here
This prezi will walk you through the resources we can offer you in the advising office, but here are a few indirectly related advising resources available to you
Counseling and Psychological Services is a great resource for students who are dealing with high levels of stress.
Student Community Center
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Intersex, Asexual Resource Center offers students of all defined and non-defined sexualities a safe space to study, hang out with friends, and seek help if needed
LGBTQIA Resource Center
Cross Cultural Center offers students who have ever experienced oppression and marginalization a safe space to study, hang out with friend, and seek help if needed.
Women's Research and Resource Center offers students of all genders a safe space to study, hang out with friends, and seek help if needed.
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