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Smelting Iron

No description

Morgan Keiner

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Smelting Iron

Smelting Iron
Smelting- the process of extracting a metal from ore by heating and melting
Iron Smelting IS a Redox Reaction
C + O2 ---> CO2: the main heat source
C + CO2 ---> 2CO: in high temperature carbon reacts with carbon dioxide to form carbon monoxide

3CO + Fe2O3 ---> 2Fe + 3CO2: carbon monoxide then reacts with the iron (III) oxide
Ionic: 3C+2 + 3O-2 + 2Fe+3 + 3O-2 ---> 2Fe0 + 3C+4 + 6O-2
Net Ionic: 3C+2 + 2Fe+3 ---> 2Fe0 +3C+4

3C+2---> 3C+4 + 6e- OXIDATION
2Fe+3 + 6e- ---> 2Fe0 REDUCTION

Redox Reactions...
How can oxidation-reduction reactions be used to understand technological advancements?
oxidation-reduction reactions are used to understand technological advancements through everyday life
examples include: transfers of electrons in the body to make glucose and the conversion of ammonium to make nitric acid that helps make fertilizer.
mainly, iron smelting. This redox reaction is the reducing of ores in things such as iron to obtain metals
redox reaction
Iron Smelting...
Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF).
Molten iron is carried in crucibles and then laid into the BOF.
This is a more direct and easier way of getting rid of the extra carbon and impurities that are in the ore itself.
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).
An EAF is a brick lined cylinder with a roof that is covered in graphite electrodes.
When the iron is ready to be put in, the roof is lifted.
Iron is placed in the bottom of the cylinder using a pig iron.
The roof is replaced and the electrodes are released to react with the ore and thus producing the iron metal.
What is the role of electrons in oxidation reactions?
to be lost from one element and given to another.
the role of electrons specifically in the smelting of iron initially comes from the carbon in the heat reacting with carbon dioxide from the air.
After this reaction we are left with just carbon oxide. Then we realize that the oxygen becomes a spectator ions.
then left with carbon being the reducing agent and in the same way the oxidation reaction.
The carbon loses 6 electrons in the process and gives it to iron to produce iron the metal from the ore.
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