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Mobile is the new CIGARETTE

presentation on mobile advertising

Jin Wu

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Mobile is the new CIGARETTE

is the new
CIGARETTE Marissa Enriquez, Jessica Groff, Anastasia Hill, Morgan Smith & Jin Wu Twitter What is
Mobile Advertising ? Things
U don't know
U don't know
about MOBILE Emerging Technologies 2012 CASE SHARING Please take 30 seconds to find mobile advertisement on your
mobile devices Mobile advertising is any kind of marketing that attempts to reach its audience through mobile devices, whether it be a or .
NFC (Near Field Communication) BRIEF:

Market a brand
in a way
that was NOT POSSIBLE five years ago. Take a screen shot, or note the App you used and the company who is advertising and Tweet with the hashtag.. #mobadv387 cell phone tablet Americans use mobile devices to connect to the internet of internet users 15% In many countries, the ONLY way to access the internet is through the use of a cell phone. MobileSite by 2015 (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr $2 billion Current mobile media sales Expected to hit $50 billion WHY MOBILE? There are 6.8 BILLION people on the planet.
4 BILLION of them use a mobile phone.
Only of them use a toothbrush. 她善于发掘其它成员的优势与能力,让大家都能够享受到整个团队合作的过程,也领导大家获得更好的成果。 25% of Americans ONLY There are 5X use mobile devices to access the Internet. as many cellphones in the world as there are PCs. 1973 2010 2000 1994 First portable phone The first
mobile advertising
conference @LONDON 2007 iPad iAd the size of the U.S. mobile advertising
market increases to $1.45-billion 2012 fastest spreading technology in history SMARTPHONE of U.S. mobile phone users 50% of the U.S. population 40% Mobile is an ERA Mobile is NOT a trend Mobile Advertising Companies 2011 text messages have been sent worldwide 8 trillion THE MOBILE ELECTION WHY NOT?! - interact with posters, clothes, shop windows - scrapes social conversation (think twitter)
tied to location to target users Augmented Reality (AR) Social Targeting SMS - Push Notifications Types of mobile advertising Mobile Gaming Apps Quick Response- "QR" 3.5 BILLION PC LAPTOP of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 91% Zzzzzz Mobile coupons receive higher redemption rates than print coupons. 10 times = 74% 79% of all mobile searches
result in action
within 1 hour 70% It takes
for the same percentage
of desktop users to catch up one month What can you give up
for a week
in place of your mobile phone? 70% 63% 33% PHOBIA NO MO 40 million Asia currently has the largest population of mobile device users!
For example, 88% of Singapore's population owns a smart phone. Early Bird AXE Night
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