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My culture project


Keita Tanabe

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of My culture project

My culture project!
There's not much to say but I think that 10%
of my culture is Cuban because in my family we occasionally listen to Cuban music, occasionally
eat Cuban food, and we visit my grandfather and my Great Uncle Ramon. but I still think that 10% of my culture is Cuban because I really enjoy these things.
In the Roman Catholic faith you learn and believe about God who are the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit together and God's everlasting love for us. I get the Catholic faith from my mom's side and all of my German and Cuban heritage are Catholic.
My thesis statement is that I am 50% Japanese, 25% Cuban, 20% German, and 5% Swiss by heritage.
Thesis Statement
My Japanese Culture

I say that I am 40% Japanese because
1. I eat a lot of Japanese food .
2. I do the Japanese martial art kendo
3. My Japanese culture clashes with "The 10 elements of American culture" such as in my family everybody isn't optimistic all the time and nobody thinks that the more money you have the better you are in my family.
My American culture
I say that I am 60% American culture wise because of the elements of American culture that apply to me. (The aspects are "Saving face," "Attitude towards change 0.5," "Attitude towards taking risks," and "Views on fate.")
Again, I think that I am 60% American 40% Japanese and 10% Cuban ; what do you think? Could you ask about anything that is unclear or give me feed back?
Roman Catholic Faith
My Cuban Culture
American clothing
I wear american clothes 99% of the time because regularly Japanese people and American people wear the same things but , American clothing is more casual than Japanese clothing and I'm casual.
The 1% Japanese clothing is during kendo.
Theses Statement Part 2

But I think in culture I am 60% American, 40% Japanese, and 10% Cuban. However, I think next year my culture will be different
so you never know.
American Views on Time
I think that in views on time that 50% is American because in my family we value punctuality, but for me time isn't money !
American Greetings
I think that 30% of my greetings
are American because in American public places like at school, in stores and around town I give greetings like "What's up?," "Good morning," "How's
it going" and stuff like that.
American Food
I say that depending on where I am the food I eat varies. Like in Texas we always eat American food because my grandparents aren't comfortable eating Japanese food. But at home I say 50% of the food is American.
I say that the food I eat is 50% Japanese because at home almost every dinner includes rice, miso soup, and/or some other Japanese food. Also, on breaks or weekends lunch is usually Japanese. In places like San Jose since there are a lot of Japanese food serving restaurants and we go out for Japanese food every time we go to San Jose.
Japanese food
Attitude Towards Change
I think that I sort of agree with of attitude towards change because sometimes I think "How can you make that better?". But sometimes I think "Please make a new something or other I know you can make it better!".
Views on Fate
I think my "Views on fate" are the American "Views on fate" because I believe that I can become what I want to become, within my abilities. For instance, I don't think I can be a politician because I'm not good at arguing.
Attitude Towards Taking Risks
I say "Attitude towards taking risks" applies to me because you have to take risks to grow mature (in my perspective). In kendo you can't judge how good you are without taking a risk and challenging someone who is better than you.
Saving Face
I think that "Saving Face" applies to me because I'm always honest when sharing my ideas and I say what I think not "the right thing to say" because in my perspective there is no "right thing to say.
Some American games I play are basketball, Uno, Mexican Train, Nerf, and so on I think that in games its 50% American 50% Japanese.
American Games
I think that 5% of the video games I play are American because when I think of American video games I think of online games and companies like Sega and Apple and I hardly ever get to play on the family ipad, I'm not allowed to play on online games and I don't enjoy Sega games as much as Nintendo games.
Japanese Games
Some Japanese games I play are tataite kabute jan-ken-pon, kendama, and hanafuda which are 50% of the games I play. Also, I play Nintendo DS games which are Japanese but I play these a lot so that takes up the other 95%.
Japanese Greetings
I say that 70% of my greetings are Japanese. Here are some greetings: Ohaiogosaimas =good morning, Etadakimas =what you say before you eat, Konichiwa = hello,
Sayonara = goodbye,
gochisosama =thank you for the food, and Oyasuminasai =good night
not actual Japanese writing this is romagi.
Japanese Views on Time
I think that 50% of my view of time is Japanese because I value being early over being on time my dad said ,"Being on time is late be five minutes early in Japan and that's on time" I believe this too it's okay to be on time but prioritize being early over being on time.
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