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Information Technology

No description

Brendon Maddox

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Information Technology

Information Technology
What is Information Technology? This Presentation will tell you what Information Technology is, and what benefits you get with this career path
Salary and benefits
The salary for an IT Consultant is 96,400 (yearly average)
The salary for a Cloud Architect is 112,000 (yearly average)
The salary for a Computer Forensic Investigator is 64,000 (yearly average)
A Health IT Specialist makes 45,000 (yearly average)
A mobile application makes 90,000 (yearly average)
A web developer makes 90,000 (yearly average)
A software engineer makes 89,000 (yearly average)
An Information technology vendor manager makes 88,000 (yearly average)
A Geospatial professional makes 84,000 (yearly average)
A Data Modeler makes 103,000 (yearly average)
Education And Training
The type of education you need for the jobs listed earlier:

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics or IT
A Degree in Computer Science (Not always necessary)
And for people who plan on working in security these are the certificates you can receive: Certified Information Systems Security Expert (CISSP), Symantec Certified Security Engineer (SCSE), and Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)
Skills And Values
Some of the skills you need for a job in Information Technology:

A solid understanding of mathematical concepts and a high degree of skill in data manipulation and multiple step logic is required. Communication skills and the ability to understand a wide range of perspectives is critical. Detail orientation and mental focus are necessary skills.

Some of the values you need in an Information technology job: You need to have a good work ethic. Never lose patience, and if you fail, keep trying.
Tasks And Responsibilities
Some of the tasks of an IT Consultant are to make sure everything is running smoothly and with no problems, and if there are problems that they are fixed as soon as possible.

People in the Industry side of the jobs usually specialize in one field such as programming or networking. They may be called engineers, web developers, network administrators and so on, as the types of jobs in the industry are vast and varied, so too are the skill sets required to work in a particular career. A person that sets up a computer network for an office will have a different set of skills than a person who creates a custom database system, to capture user information. However, no matter the profession, the ultimate goal of an information technology professional is to ensure the system is usable and efficient

- See more at: http://www.career-space.com
Work environment and conditions
You need very high energy levels to be a business consultant. A high demand of mobility and stressful customers contribute significantly to the stress level in this profession. As a professional business consultant, you will be working with your client's staff and in your client's place of business
Types of jobs available
The types of jobs you can get with the Information Technology Degree are.

-IT Consultant
-Cloud Architect
-Computer forensic investigator
-Health IT specialist
-Mobile application developer
-Web developer
-Software engineer
-Information technology vendor manager
-Geospatial professionals
-Data Modeler
Possible benefits
You can support your family well enough, and if your friends need financial help you might be able to help them.
Advantages of This Career
You get to help things run smoothly, and fix problems and help people out. You get to help out with the future and have a big paycheck every month
Information Technology
By: Brendon Maddox

Information for this presentation came from:
Disadvantages Of This Career
You might have to sit at a computer all day depending on the type of job you get.
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