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Make a Zeta

No description

Elizabeth Scott

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Make a Zeta

make a
sisterhood day
make a connection
first round event

Introductions, finding common ground, introducing Greek Life and ZTA.
make a friend
second round event

Learning a lot about the PNM and a little emphasis on ZTA; making HER comfortable.
make a zeta
third round event

Still focusing on HER, but more about ZTA; what ZTA has to offer her.
make a sister
preference round

Focusing on the connection between the PNM and ZTA: how much ZTA means to its members; how special she is to ZTA and what an asset she would be to ZTA.
Moving the conversation towards commitment day (Preference), members should find out what a PNM is looking for in a sorority and how ZTA can meet those needs.

This is the day to help the PNM understand how she can benefit from membership and how ZTA can benefit her. Find those "heart strings" and begin to speak to her about making lifetime friends through ZTA.
How can you find out what the Potential Member is looking for in a sorority?
How can ZTA meet her needs of membership?
What do I
talk about?
Lifetime friendships
Campus Awards
Big Sister Program
Greek Involvement
Elevator Pitch:
An "elevator pitch" is a concise, carefully planned and well-practiced description of ZTA that any PNM should be able to understand in the time it would take to ride up an elevator.
Avoid the most common mistake of turning this into a sales pitch for your chapter. The PNM is "buying" the sisterhood, not the Fraternity. Tell her why and how you will help her become her BEST self through ZTA.
the elevator pitch should include
Problem-solution "hook":
open your pitch by getting their attention. This should make her want to hear more. Good hooks succinctly define the problem or need, and suggests the solution.
About 150-225 words:
your pitch should be no more than 60 seconds!
PNMs expect energy and dedication from members. How do you expect to get them excited, if your sorority is a dull subject to you??
A request:
At the end of your pitch, you must ask for something!
To help you get started:
1. What is your product?
2. Who is your market?
3. What is your goal?
4. Who is your competition?
5. What is your competitive edge?

time to
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