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Egytian Theatre

No description

Audrey McGill

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Egytian Theatre

Egytian Theatre
Egyptian Theatre Contributions
"Passion plays" are performed (the acting out of ancient egytian religious stories)
Quasi-theatrical events
Tawfiq al-kahim invented 'third-language'
Egyptian Playwrights
Ahmed Shawqi
Tawfiq Al-Hakim
Abo El Seoud El Ebiary
Alfred Farag
Ali Salem
Egyptian Plays
Madraset El Moshaghbeen
Al Motazawegoon
Passion Plays
Egyptian Theaters
Theatres' are sparse in Egypt, the most popular are:
Cairo Opera House
Roman Amphitheatre
The National Arab Music Institute
Sayed Darwish Theatre
Egyptian Actors and Actresses
There are many actors and actresses in Egypt who provide funny,serious,romantic, and sad movies for egyptians and us to watch.
The acting out of the ancient Egyptian story of Osiris. religious ceremonies that included the slaying of a live hippo and sometimes the death of actors from stage combat
Passion Plays
Quasi- thearical events: acting and performing
Eygpt has records of this from 2000 B.C
why egypt claims to have started drama
Ancient Egyptian Quasi-theatrical Events
he developed a way of writing plays that made it easy to, read, act and listen too. (In a third person dialect)
Tawfiq Al-kahim's "third language"
Wrote 64 comic plays
Active in theater for 30 years
One of most profound playwrights

Abo El Seoud El Ebiary
He graduated from Egyptian academy of arts
He started acting as soon as he left
He starred in his first movie in 2000 which was "Short wi Fanila wi Cap".
His latest film was "Mafia"
His nickname is Tito.
Ahmed El Sakka
Most eminent playwrights
Post 1952 revolution
Introduced theatre to provinces
Alfred Farag
She stared acting at a young age Thanks to her mother Zizi Mustafa, a famous dancer.
Her first movie was Al-saher in 2001.
She is influenced by great directors such as Radwan El-Kashef, whom she considered her grandpa.
She prefers romantic movies.
Mennat Allah Hesham Shalabi
First in modern Araibic Literature to write poetic plays
Wrote 5 tragedies, 2 comedies, and a prose play
Ahmed Shawqi
Wrote 25 plays
Used plays as allegories on government
Supporter of peace
Ali Salem
His parent moved into the USA when he was one month old.
He moved to Hollywood when he was 19 years old to become an actor and a comedian
He went to American Academy of Dramatic Arts for one year
He was in Iron Man
Ahmed Ahmed
A controversial play depicting life in the '70s in Egypt
Discusses marriage and class differences
released in 1978
written by Faisal Nada
a hugely popular comedy classic in Egypt
Al Motazawegoon
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Opened October 10, 1988
Built 17 years after burning down of first Opera House
extremely popular
houses educational drama performances
Cairo Opera House
Works Cited
She was a former ballerina
She graduated at Cairo Ballet Institute
Then went into acting soon after
Hanan Turk
In Alexandria, Kom El Dekka
Built by Romans during their reign in Egypt
Is only ruins now
found in search of Alexander the Greats grave site
may actually been a lecture hall, no one is sure
The Roman Amphitheatre
synonymous with the origin of Ariabic drama
prominent playwright, author, and poet for 4 decades.
most well known play is Al-Kahf
Tawfiq Al Hakim
written by Tawfiq Al Hakim
Egyptian adaption of European theatre
about three men who fall asleep in a cave for three hundred years and then wake
a story from religious book Quran
The story of trouble-making students lead to success by a woman teacher
written by Ali Salem
adapted from 1967 american movie "To Sir, with love"
became hugely popular
released in 1973
Madraset El Moshaghbeen
no longer performed
the re enacting of the story of the god Osiris
involved slaying a live hippo in every play
extras who played soldier were sometimes actually wounded because all "props" were real.
Passion Plays
built in 1914
built to teach traditional music because of lack of interest and cultural awareness
Cairo Opera House Company
The National Arab Music Institute
first opened in 1921
fell to ruins in the 60's
reopened 2004
Cairo Opera House Company
Sayed Darwish Theatre
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