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Early College Applicants

No description

UNC Wilmington

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Early College Applicants

Am I a first-year or transfer student?
UNCW considers all students enrolled in an Early College program as
first-year applicants
. Since Early College students have not yet graduated from high school they are reviewed under the same criteria as all other first-year applicants.
Freshman Admitted Enrollment
• Middle 50% Weighted GPA: 3.80-4.43

• Middle 50% SAT: 1130-1250 (Math and Reading)

• Middle 50% SAT total: 1670-1870

• Middle 50% ACT composite: 25-28
(UNCW requires ACT writing section)

How will my credits transfer to UNCW?
UNCW will accept a maximum of 64 semester hours of credit from a regionally accredited two-year institution. Credits earned at another institution with a grade of a “C” (2.0) or better are accepted by the university if the work transferred is comparable to offerings at UNCW. For information regarding transfer of credit, visit www.uncw.edu/reg/transfercredit.htm.
Does an Associate's degree replace University Studies requirements?
While many of the courses completed to earn your Associates of Arts or Sciences degree are transferable and will fulfill UNCW’s University Studies (general education) requirements, an AA/AS degree is not interchangeable and does not replace the University Studies curriculum. Students will need to take additional coursework once admitted to the University in order to fulfill the University Studies requirements.
What is my class standing and when will I graduate?
Your class standing is based on earned credits, including transfer credits. However, you will be classified as a “first-year student” for certain processes and policies, such as housing and advising.

Your timeline to graduation is contingent on the transfer credit evaluation, fulfillment of UNCW University Studies (general education requirements), and major requirements. An Associate’s degree may fulfill many but not all University Studies requirements. Additionally several majors have separate admissions requirements and highly sequenced coursework.
Academic Advising and Major Declaration
Tips for Success at UNCW
Tips continued
Early College Applicants
Early College students are advised through University College during the first two semesters, while working toward major requirements. Students officially declare their major after completing coursework at UNCW.

Research UNCW University Studies and Major Requirements
For a list of University Studies requirements and all majors with required coursework, visit http://uncw.edu/uc/advising/index.html. Note that requirements may change.
Students must meet requirements for their incoming year, which may not be posted until close to the start of the academic year.
Contact the academic department of interest should you have questions.

Academic Preparation
The workload and rigor at UNCW may differ from your previous academic experience. Expect to work hard from the first day of classes, spend a lot of time studying outside of class, and use your support services, such as tutoring and faculty.

Be connected!
Be ready to get involved in campus through student organizations, academic and/or social opportunities, and meeting new friends, faculty, and staff.
(910) 962-3243

Contact UNCW Office of Admissions

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