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THE CAVE!... By Shan and Navi

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of THE CAVE!... By Shan and Navi

On a sunny day, in the afternoon we went into a shop to buy dairy milk.
As Navi, Ruhaan, Aniyah and Shan were eating luxious chocolate we realized that we had won tickets to wrestlemania.
As we were half way to wrestlemania the plane started moving, and we crashed into this big island.
We were unconsious for about 5 minutes,as we got up we found a land, called boys and girls land.
We ran into a forest when we were terrified then we stopped running. When we discovered we were in the middle of a dark, damp and gloomy cave...
Petrified we found a monster which ate Aniyah therfore we fought it. Unfortunately, it bit Ruhaan it Poisned Shan and scratched Navi.
The cave!...
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