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Shane Sparks

No description


on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Shane Sparks

Shane Sparks
His Inspiration!
More Info!
He never had another job except for dancing/performing
No kids

Young Life
In highschool he was apart of a b-boying group called Floor Rockers when he lived in Richmond Village

2004 won American Choreography Award for "You Got Served"
2008won Emmy for choreography Pitbull's "Fuego"
Basics About Mr. Sparks
He is still alive.
His birthdate is June 25, 1974
Born in America
Attended Aiken Highschool
His parents are Melvin and Wanda Sparks and he has 2 other siblings
He was inspired by Bruno "Pop n Taco" Falcon a west coast popper that choreographer for Michael Jackson
Mysteries, Offensives and Secrets
A mystery... He was dating Francia Raisa but they broke up with no reason at all... Just POOF no more relationship
Very Offensive... He had "unlawful" relationship with a twelve year old minor claiming he didnt know how old she was
Secrets... His lawyer is probably the only one who would know his deepest darkest secrets
He was born in Cincinati OH
Also he has been dancing since he was 11 years old so he's been dancing for 28 years
His Style; "My style is a little bit of everything. One minute it'll be straight dirty hip hop the next it'll be hip hop with a little pop feel and next there'll be a little jazz. No matter what its always very sexy and aggressive
Quiet Time
In his down time he likes to use social media like Twitter and Instagram
Revealed Gift
He discovered he loved teaching dance and had a natural talent of choreography while taking over for a MIA dce teacher in a hip hop class
Tough Times
Going to jail for 4 months for child molestation
Uncommon Facts
His birthday is the same day as Michael Jackson death
Dancing became important to him when his sister's boyfriend was killed because it made him feel safe
Extraordinary Fact
Choreographer for Lindsey Lohan and B2k
"Supreme" because he transitioned from dancer to choreographer then to Judge smoothly
Influenced the hip hop community by pushing into the mainstream limelight with his dance moves
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