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Elizabeth Pryor : Ancient History

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Shawn Groves

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Elizabeth Pryor : Ancient History

3000 B.C
Elizabeth Pryor : Ancient History
Pre -History
Beforw written Records

Also known as sumeria sumer

Ancient Egypet
Ancient Greece

Arow Heads are usually made
out of rock, metal, horn, or some type of hard supstance, they are used for hunting mostly.
1. Artifacts?
2. Fossils
3. Cave Art
4. Way of Life
5.What changed that allowed us to go from that way of life to living together in larger communities
Another artifact is pottery ,
pottery clay was collected
alond streams and hillsides.
Jewrey is also a artifact
They make jewrey out
of bones, pebbles, feathers ect
cooking materal
is also a aftifact

this was found
in China
This is a Wooly Mamoth
fossil it was found in North
This is a Saber-
Tooth Tiger, this
fossil was found in
Calafornia, where
Saber Tooth Tigers
are native.
This is the Mastodon
fossil, this fossil is held
at the American Musame
of Natural History.
Propalaeotherium was a small, prehistoric relation of the horse. It lived in Europe and Asia . Fossils discovered in Germany
Cave art was used beacuse this was peoples religion.this is a painting of a bison in Altamira cave, Spain
This is a sleeping antelope,this cave art was found at Tassili n’Ajjer in southern Algeria
This cave art was found in a rock shelter called Wadi Sura
Cave Art
This is the Neolithic rock art in Tassili n'Ajjer National Park
People Hunting Mammoths with spears
Way of Life
The Saber Tooth Tiger
was a threat to humans
People trying to make a
People hunting bison,with spears
The first demesticated animal was a dog
Wheat was the first crop that was grown

Sheep was the first
demesticated farm animal
Horses became demesticated
around 3000 B.C
Where did Mesoptamia start ?
Mesopotamia is greek for "between two rivers.
The Fetile Crescent is known as the cradle of civiliztion
Mesopotamia is located right inside of the Tigris and Euphrates river
The Fertile Crescent extends from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

Mesopatamian's first glance didn't look like a ideal place, it was very hot and dry.
However snow melting off mountains into these two rivers, created a anual flood.
Which made the soil along the river banks Rich.
This allowes many animals to be able to live in this regon
This is a house made out of mud bricks.
This is how they shaped mud bricks.
Messopotamians use mud bricks to build!
They often baked the bricks in the sun to dry
What where some of the Mesopotamian inventions or technology?

This is the wheel Mesopotamian invented the wheel around 3500B.C.
They also invented the calender!
This is the Plow, they also invented this.
They made gated ditches so when the crops needed water they would just open the gates and let the water in.
What enabled Messapotamia to stay in one place?
This is the king Hammurabi he was the one to come up with all the laws
How did Mesopotamian's govern them selfs?
This is Mesopotamia's social hierarchy.
There was a ziggurat in the center of every major city
They build these ziggrats to honor the main god of the city.
In 1700 B.C HGammurabi wrote the code of laws.
4,500 B.C Sumerian civilization begins.
2,500 B.C Assyrian civilization begins
Cuneiform started in 3200 B.C

This is where the Nile river is located on a map
Decribe the inportance of the Nile?
The Nile river flooded every year, this was a good thing because it helped them grow plants
Which left behind rich soil which was called silt.
The river also helped them be able to eat, they caught fish mostly with spheres
Osirs was the "King of Living"
Egyption Mythology
The pharaoh was the political, religious,and ecomic leader of the Egyptions
Egyptians worshiped these gods with aniaml sacrifices
Ancient Egyptians left offerings of food and other things when people dies because they thought they needed it in their after life.
Egyptan Pyramids
The Ancient Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for the phorahs and the Queens.
This is what it looks like inside of a Ancient Egypt Pyramid
They used Giant stones, to move them the wetting the sand in front.
Often they would put food int the tombs because they belived they needed it in the after life
Phoraha was the Ancient Egyptian leader
The leader of Egypt
Ancient Egyptians Where conciderd gods by their culture
Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh of Egypt
They bult such elaborate tombs for their kings and pohras
This is called hieroglyphics
Egyptian language
Hirogliphic could be carved into stone, written on pyprus, but it was mostly found on temple walls
The Rosetta stone had three diffrent types of writting Hirogliphics, demotic, and greek. We where able to make sence of the Hirogliphics by comparing it to the greek.
They created such elabotrat tombs for the kings and phorahs.
They used Hiroglipics as their every day laguage
The Egyptions took mummification so seriosly because they belived they needed their body in the after life
They stored their orgians in Conopic jars
The most famous tomb we have uncovered is the KV62.
Priests who mummified the dead where called embalmers
3,500 B.C
This is where greece is located on a world map
This is a map of Anciet Greece city-states
It ws hard for them to commuicate because of all the water and mountains
They grew alot of olives, and grapes
Political units in Ancient Greece where called city-states
Democrocy was the form of government that developed in Athens.
Citizens in Athen's government ruled themself
Women in athens government didnt have any political or leagle rights
Spartas government was lead by two kings, these kings would lead the army in war this was called Monarchy
In Sparta they took there
At age 7 Spartan boys where removed from their psrents and placed in military traning
In sparta the kids where beat people belived this made them tough and ready for war
Leonidas was the leader of Spartans city-state
This is a Spartan fighter this is what they have to wear.
The Peloponnesian war was fought to 431-404B.C, it was fought by the Delian League (Athens) and the Peloponnesian League (Sparta)
Thucydides was a general army leader of Athens
The trojan War was a war between greeks and the people of Troy they fought over Queen Helen
This is Zues he was the god of the sky and ruler of the olympain.
Achiles was a Greek hero, he was most famous for his part in the Trojan War
According to Humors poams Odysseus is the man who helped the Greeks win the trojan war by comming up with the trojan horse
Mythes and Legends where used to tell people about their culture and enviroment
This is Eculide he was most famous for geometry
One of the first forms of alarm clocs where water alarm clocks, these where invented by ancient Greece
This is Hippocrates he was known as the Father of Modern Medicine
This is Eculide he was most famous for his math
Philosophy is the study of knowledge , some people who studies the pholosophy is Plato, and Socratics
Ancient Rome
This is where Rome is located on a world map
The Roman Empire was very large
The Tiber River was very importate to the Romans it help with water supply
When Etruscans was overthrew by the Romans , they then came up with there own government called the republic, this goverment aloud citizens elected representitives, also every citizen was expected to play a roll in the government state
The Patricians where weathy.
The plebeians where poor.
The main particiments of the Punic war was the Roman and the Carthage.
This is the time line for the war
Hannibal was most famous because he lead the Carthaginian general, Hannibal caught the Romans off gard by crossing the Apls mountains.
Rome made shure they didnt have to fight the Carthage by distroing there city.
This is Juilius Caesar
Julius Ceaser was a roman Republic and a military General ,who play a role in alot of events.
Juilius Caesar
Crossing the Rubicon, means to pass a point of no return, this meaning came from when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river.
Julius Caeser's death was caused by getting stabed multible times by people from the Roman Republic.
Antoninus Pius
Trajan won three conflicts, which lead to the Roman Empior's greatest size up.
Hadrian builded many diffrent structurs such as the Temple of Venus, Roma and Hadrian's Wall.
Antoninus Puis helped slaves and women have more rights.
Nerva changed the land laws in favor of the poor, and also tolorated peoples belifes.
Arches is the main contribute to the Rome Architecture
Romulus and Remus where the founders of Rome
The government of Rome was called the Roman Repulic.
Roman Literature was in Latin.
The Romans decline was from its size.
The Roman government was called the Roman Republic.
The government let the Plebians work with the Patricians in the Roman Republic.
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