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Keta Gogitidze

on 12 February 2016

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The Unified National Body of Accreditation - Accreditation Center"
State Hydrography Service
Standards and Metrology
of Georgia
Tbilisi Architecture Service
Revenue Service
Land Transport Agency
Standards and Metrology of Georgia
Ministry of Justice, National Bureau of Enforcement
Service Agency of
The Ministry of
Finance of Georgia
Entrepreneurship Development Agency
National Data Exchange Agency
Ministry of Energy and Water Regulatory Commission
Georgian National Communications Commission
State Insurance Supervision Service
The Ministry of Defence
State Procurement Agency
National Bank of Georgia
The Ministry of Agriculture
The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
National Food Agency
The National Agency
of State Property
Technical and Constructions
Supervision Agency

To create a common business house, that will bring together all of those tools into a single space.

This will increase the efficiency of these instruments, coverage, benefits, and will save other state resources.

The project may be envisaged for each business center in each regional center.

The area may be interested for numerous of private companies: audits, notaries, banks, consultation, accounting, brokers and others.
All Services
in single space
Single physical space
Streamlined administrative processes of business creation
reducing processing time.
in cooperation with
Business House
The number of state instruments have significantly increased. A modern customer-oriented front-office is not available in every institution.

Representatives of small and medium business sector don't have a easy access.

Service Agency of
The Ministry of
Finance of Georgia
Standards and Metrology of Georgia
Entrepreneurship Development
National Food Agency
Current Situation
Oil and Gas
License of production and packaging of baby food products
"License of production and packaging of child food products"
"License of nuclear and radioactive activity"
License on breeding genetically modified organisms in close systems.
License of production of biological pesticides
" General license of production of certain type of weapon"
General license of repair of military weapon (including streamlining and on-thesite service)
General license of trade in military weapon
License of manufacturing, production of civil weapon, including main elements and ammunition.
License of manufacturing civil weaponary main elements and ammunition.
License of trade civil weapon, including main elements and ammunition.
"License of production, purchase, import or export of electronic means of surveillance"
Private broadcasting license
Communal broadcasting license
"Electricity production license"
"Electricity transmission license"
Electricity dispatching license
Electricity distribution license
Natural gas distribution license
Natural gas transportation license
Oil processing license
Natural gas processing license
Oil transportation license.
Life insurance license
"Insurance license (non-life)"
"Reinsurance license"
Banking license
License of non-banking depository-credit activity
" License of registrar of securities"
License of brokerage activity
License brokerage activity for military goods
License of stock exchange
License of central depositary
License of assets manager
"License of specialized depositary"
License of emergency medical aid
License of court-medical expertise
License for court-psychiatric expertise
License of pathology-anatomic activities
License of activities on especially dangerous pathogens
License of activities on industrial transfusion
License of private security service activity
License of enforcement activity
License of water-supply
The territorial sea or internal waters of the state-owned submerged scrap and non-ferrous metal extraction licenses

Types of licenses
Permit to transit the goods subject to veterinary control.
Permit to import the goods subject to veterinary control.
Permit to import the products of plant origin subject to phytosanitary control
Environment impact permit.
"Permit to transport, import, export, re-export or transit the material of restricted
circulation (the list of material of restricted circulation is defined under the Georgian
Government’s decision)."
Permit to use explosive material of industrial purposes.
Acquisition and transfer of radioactive materials
"Permit to export, import or transit nuclear, radiation units, nuclear material,
radioactive substances, radioactive waste, minerals, from which practically possible to get nuclear material, everything that is made of nuclear material or radioactive substances or contains them as integral part as well as nuclear technologies, or know-how. "
Export of radioactive waste
" Permit to export, import, re-export and introduction from the sea of species, their
parts and derivatives entered into the annexes of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)."
"Permit to purchase (with the right to keep) the defense short-barrel firearms and
sporting screw-barrel firearms by the natural person
"Permit to purchase (with the right to keep and carry it) defense gas weapon,
hunting shot-gun, sporting long-barrel firearm or sporting short smooth-barrel firearm by the natural person "
Permit for natural persons to purchase a weapon (including right of storage and carry) in accordance with paragraph 10 of the Georgian law on persons who shall retain the right to carry arms after the expiration of the authority.
"სPermit to purchase (with the right to keep and carry it) the weapon for granting
the official status to the weapon, in the period of official duties, owned by the personsdefined by the sub-points “h” and “k” of the Point 2 article 9 of the Law of Georgia on “Weapons” "
"Permit to purchase (with the right to keep and carry it) the weapon transfered
the weapon with official status to persons benefiting from the sub-points “h” and “p” of the
Point 2 article 9 of the Law of Georgia “on "
" Permit to export civil and/or gas weapon purchased in Georgia by a foreign citizen
in Georgia "
"Permit to export from Georgia or import in Georgia the arm material and/or
hunting or sporting firearms by a foreign citizen"
"Permit issued by the respective sporting body to export from Georgia or import in
Georgia temporarily the sporting and hunting firearms to participate in sporting event
abroad "
Permit to open the shooting gallery, shooting and shooting-hunting stand
"Permit to organize a shooting gallery, shooting ground and shooting-hunting
Permit to import, export, re-export or transit weapon and military material. "
Military goods import permit
Military goods export permit
Military goods transit permit
Military goods brokerage services permit
Technical assistance for military goods permit
Collect and exhibit weapons
Permit for import, export or carriage of weapons and ammunition by the persons accompanying representatives of foreign countries and international organizations, as well as for other important persons during their visits to Georgia.
Transport and transfer permit for weapons and ammunition
Import or export from Georgia of the civil weapon and / or gas (air) gun, including their most basic elements and / or ammunition by citizen of Georgia
"Permit to construction (except construction of especially importance, radioactive or nuclear units).
Permit to construction radioactive and nuclear units
Permit to local urban regular passenger traffic.
Permit of Import of goods of dual use.
Permit of export of goods of dual use.
Permit of transit of goods of dual use.
Permit of brokerage of goods of dual use.
Permit of technical assistance of goods of dual use.
Permit to aerial works (
Permit to irregular international air transportation
"Single and multiple permits to international automobile regular passenger
transportation set under the international treaty of Georgia "
"Single and multiple permits to international automobile regular passenger
transportation set on the basis of the international treaties of Georgia"
Permit to international cargo shipment from the Territory of Georgia (above the
quota set under the international treaty), operated by the foreign carrier. "
Permit to duty free trading point
Permit to operate a customs warehouse
Permit to organize a casino
Gambling club permit
" Permit to organize a slot club.
Permit to organize a totalizator
Permit to organize lotto
Permit to organize Bingo
Permit to organize lottery games
Permit to import or export therapeutic facilities subject to special control.
Permit to clinical research of pharmacological facilities.
Permit to pharmaceutical production (therapeutic facilities, except for narcotics).
Permit for the organized drugstore.
Permit to import non-iodized salt.
Permit to works on monuments of cultural heritage
Permit to archeological works.
Permit to export from Georgia the Georgian cultural valuables.
Permit for outdoor advertising
Permit to stationary unit
Permit for the use of radiofriquency spectrum
Permit to use numbering Resource Permit
National Land
Transport Agency
Georgian Energy
Development Fund

Promotion Service

The working group should be comprised of stakeholders

Pros: Diverse/competent views from all key stakeholders.
Cons: Bureaucracy.

Organization will develop the project with all key elements, including main objectives, methodology, schedule, possible budget etc.

Pros: Project with multiple scenarios is developed in a short period of time with a clear vision.
Cons: Lack of Bureaucracy.

to establish organization in charge with advisory body consisting of all key stakeholders.

Working Group/Organization should deliver Proposal with the following results.

Project Plan
Possible solutions

Analyze international
best practice
if any
Preparation of the detailed project
Identify all stakeholders....
• Initial cost
• Annual cost of operation

Source of Income
Create working group in charge of the project
Preparation of the detailed project
Working Group
Investors Council
Identification of the leading authority of the project preparation phase
• Detailed list of state instruments (services) related to business
• Operational aspects and phasing;
• Legal framework analysis;
• IT requirements analysis;
• Budget and financing;
BH is preferably to be easily accessible location for public transportation. Depending on the Staff/Management composition establishing space required for full operations.

Consulting Services
Funding Opportunities
Identify all services to be integrated in the BH
Legal Aspects
Key Tasks
- Determine customer oriented front desk

- Develop relevant operational processes

- Design recruiting and training requirements
Thank you!
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