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The Wave

No description

Mäuschen ...

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of The Wave

The Wave Author: Morton Rhue
Publisher: Dr. Peter Bruck Morton Rhue wrote this book about a situation which was a true event in 1969 when the teacher Ron Jones made an experiment which got out of control. main characters Laurie Saunders

Ben Ross

Mr. Saunders

Amy Smith


Brian Ammon

Robert Billings (newcomer) David Collins

Christy Ross

Mrs. Saunders

Headmaster Owens

Deutsch (little newcomer)

Elaine Billings married girl-/boyfriend married teacher =classmates friends she´s his mother Deutsch wants to get his position in the football team It starts... ...with the question why the people followed Adolf Hitler blind and why such an event could happen. Ben Ross wants to reproduce a situation like in the time of the Nazis as answer. ...with the problems in class. the students...
...aren´t punctual in class
...aren´t quiet during the lesson
...aren´t disciplined and the football team looses every match the solution: The Wave mottos: the unitys´ name is: symbol: there is also a ,,Wave salute" Strength trough discipline,
strength trough community,
strength trough activity! The Wave (as a symbol of change) circle with the outline of a wave inside (for: movement, direction, importance) peoples´ opinion - it´s stupid
- it´ just a game
- you shouldn´t make a big deal out of nothing
- it´s different
- it´s a solution of these little cliques
- all are part of the same team
- the Wave is very successful (students from free periods, lunch and study halls come to the history class to participate)
- the headmaster isn´t certain what to think; he wants to keep an eye on the Wave
- all are peers / all are the same
- Laurie isn´t into the Wave because she isn´t the best or the ,,princess" anymore
- it´s like being born again
- are proud of the Wave
- the first time when some of them feel like they are part of something
- Ben Ross is ,,becoming a guinea pig in his own experiment" peoples´ reaction - the students want to get the whole football team into the Wave to win more matches The Wave... ...in class - Ben Ross is unusual dressed: he wears a suit and a tie
- there are Wave membership cars
- the group shall observe itself [when there´s a red X on your card you have to report members who don´t obey the rules to Ben Ross] ...at home - Robert Billings is an absolutely new person
- it´s an abrupt change

the family have been having trouble with Robert long lasting the problem: outside the Wave doesn´t exist and without the Wave he´s the ,,old person" again problems - the class isn´t falling behind
- they are faster than usual (with the quick answers)
- the students want to have time on the Wave -> they are very well prepared for the lessons and need only a little time to go trough the subject matter
- the students give only short and prudent answers (Mr. Ross ordered this already)
- they write short homework assignments maybe: in a multiple choice test they would be very well but in an exam made up of essays they wouldn´t do it as well as in class or in a tick-off-test (,,Ankreuztest") Stop the Wave?! Without the Wave Robert would be the newcomer again Something is going wrong Ben Ross: He would loose the chance to lead the students ? It only should be a classroom experiment to answer the students´ question...now Ben Ross´s goal is the Wave to succeed - that´s wrong...he should be interested in what the students have already learned from the Wave time lapse (=fast motion) - the Grapevine (Laurie) receives a letter from a student who was frighten to join the Wave (he didn´t write his name because he is afraid)
- there are flyers about the Wave and Wave posters all over school
- there is a Wave rally
- Robert Billings is becoming Mr. Ross´s (the leader´s) bodyguard because he doesn´t want ,,that anything happen to their leader"
- Wave members are discussing orders which were never given (for example: organize the Wave in lower grades)
-> the Wave live on its own
- Laurie and David separate because of the Wave (Laurie doesn´t like the Wave and David can´t understand her) -> he isolate himself from her a fight Brian Ammon and Deutsch are fighting.
After they are separated Brian shouts the Wave mottoes. - Deutsch is after Brian´s position
- Brian is really into the Wave like all students (that´s because he shouted the mottoes)
- Deutsch isn´t into the Wave
- David wants the trainer to throw Deutsch off of the football team because he didn´t join the Wave
- David: ,,[...] If he really wanted the best for the team he´d join the Wave instead of giving Brian such a hard time. He´s a one-man team [...] He´s just on a big ego trip and he´s not helping anyone." the ripple - during the Wave rally Laurie sits in the Grapevines´ office - Alex and Carl join her
- they give their group who isn´t into the Wave a name... ,,the ripple" (that´s a little Wave)
- they want to write a special edition of the Grapevine about the negative side of the Wave an event like in the Nazi time family Saunders - the teacher is manipulating the students
- she is unsettled by the Wave
- she makes a big deal out of nothing - it feels weird
- maybe not everyone likes being in the same team (but she doesn´t know anyone)
- it´s only a quirk (for a short time)
- it´s like punk rock
- in 2 months nobody will remember what the Wave was
- it´s like young boys playing soldier
- Mr.Ross would never loose control!
- the Wave is everybody forgetting who they are
- it´s like Night of the Living Dead or something
- she doesn´t understand why Amy Smith wants to be a member
- it´s vast
- it´s unsafe, useless and eliminate freedom of speech and mind
- the Wave does more damage than good
- only on the first day Laurie felt the unity and energy
- it´s scary Mrs. Saunders Laurie Mr. Saunders - he notices that the experiment got out of hand
- he wants to speak to the headmaster - Ben Ross sees the special edition of the Grapevine
- he notices that the experiment has big effects
- he realizes that something goes wrong Out of control! Brian, Robert and David want to ,,stop" Laurie Saunders because she is killing the Wave. Brian says that David has to do the main part because he know Laurie the best and because she was his girlfriend. Christy makes plain to Ben Ross that he has to stop the Wave experiment because otherwise the headmaster would do this and he would do it in a way which wouldn´t please Ben. No Wave anymore A boy was beaten up - he didn´t join the Wave
- he said something negative about the movement
- the boy is Jewish (-> Nazi time)?!?! Mr. Saunders reports David has to talk to Laurie -> text passage Why I would recommend this book - understandable
- not many unknown words
- the plot isn´t boring
- you can´t anticipate (=vorhersehen) the events
- interesting
- the topic isn´t a typical
- the story happened essentially (=is real)
- you want to read more and more
- it leads you in another world
- when you read you forget the world outside of the story
- with this book you can relax you want to read this book? -> the school´s library there is also a film
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