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Fiona Wood (Religion Task)

Religion Presentation on Fiona Wood

Brigetta McMellon

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Fiona Wood (Religion Task)

She is a life saver Dr Wood treated the victims of numerous disasters
and invented new technology for burn victims. Her CellSpray
aerosol skin applier can give severe burn victims relief and
massively reduce scarring in affected areas. She works
towards better products for patients suffering defacing
scars and tissue damage. Fiona is the best burns specialist
in Oceania and possibly the southern hemisphere. She has
desired to be a surgeon since late high school; Fiona was a
very athletic child who wanted to be an Olympian, although
her family suggested medicine when Wood wasn’t good
enough at athletics. Obviously, this was a very wise
decision. Whose lives did your prophet touch? What was the impact of their message? What did this prophet say and do to spread their message? Multiple terrorist attack victims, accident victims and people hurt in general burn incidents. Her great work resulted in many patients being saved from humiliation (from scarring) and other complications linked to the open wounds of burns. The story of Cynthia Banham is just one of Fiona Wood’s star patients. Cynthia was injured a 2007 Boeing 747 Crash in Indonesia, and only 119 people survived. She crawled and was then pulled from the flaming aircraft by two Indonesian Farmers, they saved her life. She was airlifted to the Royal Perth Hospital and delivered to Dr Wood. Cynthia underwent 3 days of surgery, and unfortunately lost her legs. Her left leg was amputated above the knee and her right leg was cut just below the knee due to serious infections in her charred flesh. Cynthia is still married and has two children. Fiona Wood (She's a doctor) She is an Australian of the Year (2005) She is a mother of six children How is Dr. Wood a prophet?

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Dr Fiona Melanie Wood (born on the 2nd of February 1958) is a British born plastic surgeon working in the Royal Perth Hospital. She is the director of the hospital, the burns unit within the hospital and the Western Australia Burns Service. She is a Clinical professor with the school of paediatrics and child health at the University of Western Australia.

Wood has become well known worldwide for her patented invention of ‘spray on skin’ for burn victims, a treatment that is being continually developed. Where techniques like skin culturing require 21 days to produce enough cells for major burns, Wood’s spray takes only 5 days to produce. She has discovered that scarring is greatly reduced if replacement skin is provided and issued within 10 days.

She worked on the spray along with fellow scientist Marie Stoner. The two women began to explore tissue engineering. They moved from growing skin sheets to spraying skin cells; earning a worldwide reputation as pioneers in their field. Her company started operating in 1993 and now cultures small biopsies into bigger volumes of skin cell suspensions in as few as five days. This service is used by surgeons in Sydney, Auckland and Birmingham. Cells can be delivered by aircraft and ready for use the next day in many cases. Royalties from licensing will be brought right back into a research fund, named the McComb Foundation. Fiona Wood What is a Prophet? Interviewer: Are you religious?

Dr Wood: No. Prophet - Mericipedia, the merici encyclopedia A prophet is an individual who brings about the message of God to our world. Some prophets can be reluctant to accept this ‘offer’ from God, and may procrastinate... Prophet - What is a Prophet A prophet is an individual who claims to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this new found knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people... What is a Prophet? 'satan-luver-666' asks: A prophet is an individual who brings about the message of God to our world. Some prophets can be reluctant to accept this ‘offer’ from God, and may procrastinate. It is possible for anyone to be a prophet, whether it be of a higher scale or just simply helping out a friend at school or a work colleague.

Prophets can help us to lead a good life and we gain much knowledge from them about God and what he wants us to know, believe or achieve in our lives. There are two main types of prophets. They are Biblical Prophets (like Moses) and just normal people who spread the word of God to the people of ‘modern’ times (such as the Dalai Lama). 'the-one-and-only' answers: Fiona Wood is a prophet because of the work she
has done with burns victims of the Bali Bombings
and other disasters. She treated on of my
mother’s close friends who was in a major plane
crash. She had severe burns to her legs and
because of the little amount of skin left on her
body; her legs got infected and were amputated.
Dr Wood was studying to be a plastic surgeon, but
took an interest in burns victims. If it weren’t for
Wood, many people would have lost lives or limbs.
She has performed many lifesaving operations and
has been rewarded with numerous prizes
including Australian of the Year. "A scar to me isn't its
appearance, its how you
move and how you
function. There's much
more to a scar than
people thinking it
looks horrible." New Message Not-so-fun-fact:

Burn injury is one of the top three causes of accidental death in children under five years of age. What is the message of this prophet? ‘Scarless healing’. Dr Fiona Wood and her mix
of researchers, scientists, doctors and
surgeons all working together to create a
procedure that heals burns faster, cleaner,
stronger and have little or no trace of
damage left on the patient’s body. They are
coming closer to this goal with every donation,
every break through and every patient. How is that message relevant to people today? Will it be relevant in the future? Yes, her technology is changing the way doctors work with burns and burns treatment. Patients all around the world are being saved by her hard work

and excellence. Before her invention, patients had to suffer though skin grafting from healthy parts of the body, culturing, scarring, high infection

risks and alternative procedures. The technology of CellSpray has eliminated many of these issues and dramatically increased the healing rates, burn recovery and quality of life of her patients. 1. Fiona Wood Foundation, 2012, Fiona Wood Foundation, viewed 3 March 2013, <http://www.fionawoodfoundation.com/>.

2. 'Fiona Wood' 2012, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , last edited 21:44, 27 May, Wikipedia Foundation , viewed 3 March 2013, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiona_Wood>.

3. Gibson, Jano 2007, 'Brave Cynthia's Lifesaving Operation', Sydney Morning Herald, viewed 4 March 2013, <http://www.smh.com.au/news/general/brave-cynthias-lifesaving-op/2007/03/12/1173548084849.html>.

4. Wood, F 2013, 'FWF EXPRESS', Fiona Wood Foundation , Fiona Wood Foundation , Perth, viewed 6 March 2013, <http://www.fionawoodfoundation.com/files/106/files/Newsletter%20Hard%20Copy%20%203%20Jan%202013.pdf>.

5. 'Wood' n.d., The Age, online picture, viewed 5 March 2013, <http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2005/01/25/wood_2601_narrowweb__200x270.jpg>. Bibliography: By Brighid .M
And may God bless this poorly written task!
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