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warrior cats

based on Erin hunters book serise

star dusk

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of warrior cats

warrior maze Warriors firestar sandstorm longtail dovepaw brambleclaw tigerstar, scourge, darksripe cloudtail and brightheart finish start firestar was very brave when resiving his 9 lives from
bluestar, lionheart, redtail, spottedleaf, swiftpaw, yellowfang ,runningwind ,silverstream , and brindaleface all cats from star clan.
firestar was once a little kittypet that was brave enough to hunt in thunder clan territory.
firestar is kind, forgiving, loving, loyal, sweet and sometimes he can be strict, romantic, funny, frustrated, and a wimp to saying no.
the reason i say sometimes he's a wimp to saying no is because when greystripe wanted to check on his kits he let him even though it was against the warrior code. firestar is brave and courageouse a true warrior. sandstorm should be very proud to have the leader of her clan being her mate. sandstorm is loving, caring, stubborn, swift, brave
and firestar's mate for life she was brave to run in the dog pack idea even though she knew she might die.
sandstorm is only a little younger then firestar.
sandstorm is beautiful and she knows it. she is also the best hunter in the clan.
she gives birth to one kit it's name is squirlkit (squirlpaw) (squirlflight). leafpool gives birth to 3 kits
but she is a med cat so she gives them to squirlflight
they are lionkit (lionpaw) (lionblaze), holykit (holypaw) (holyleaf) and jaykit (jaypaw) (jayfeather) what does this have to do with sandstorm you ask?
squirlflight is sandstorms kit! i don't know much
about squirlflight
exept that she
dumped ashfur
for brambleclaw when in the beging
brambleclaw did't like her. she got 3 kits
from leafpool lionkit, holykit, and jaykit.
i know shes a know it all or a smart alec
and she is very talkative. when she grows
up i guess shes nicer less talkative and
more like her mother. cloudtail and brightheart
cloudtail was broght to
thunder clan by his kin
firestar. cloudtails mother gave
him to thunder clan so one
of her kits could have a better
life a free life. brightheart
had been born in thunder
clan and when she was an apprentice
she and swiftpaw went to look for the
the dogs. when the dogs were actually
a pack of wolfs swiftpaw was torn to pieces
by the wolfs. luckily brightpaw only had one
savear injury her eye was gone as in sliced
and her ear was torn to pieces. they had went
on that journey because they wanted to prove
they were ready to become warriors.
broke up with squirlflight for lieing
to him about leafpool's kits. sorry thats
all i know about brambleclaw exapt that
he has a sister named tawnypelt and his
father was a murderur (tigerstar) and his
mother is goldenflower or is it goldenfur? longtail fights firestar when he comes into the
clan. when there older they become friends. scourge was a kittypet small helpless no one loved him everyone tormented him and bullyed him beacuse he was small
so he got his revenge darkstripe did't want a kittypet in his clan or as his leader so he joined tigerstar.the reason why he wanted no kittypets in his clan is beacuse he thoght it would weaken the clan. tigerstar killed for power untile firestar came and spoiled his plan.then he wanted to kill firestar for destroying his plan. greystripe's
only mate was silverstream
his love from another clan
she died giving birth to his kits
his beutiful kits.he loved her
so much. *sob* *sob* ;( so sad!
firestar's first
friend in the clan
the first clan cat firestar
met the day he came.
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