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Copy of David Sedaris

No description

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of David Sedaris

Writing Style
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Enjoying the fantasy of having two homes; "When school began my classmates would court me, hoping I might invite them for a weekend, and I would make a game of pitting them against one another. This was what a person did when people liked them for all the wrong reasons, and I would grow to be very good at it."
Happy and caught up in the process of possibly buying a second home
While the rest of his family is thinking of different names for their second home, he sits back and tries to please everyone rather than ruining a happy moment, "Normally I would have hated them for not recognizing my suggestion as the best, but this was clearly a special time and I didn't want to ruin it with brooding."
A lot of description and detail
Long sentences to explain his thoughts
Context is used to help understand other character's emotions
Uses a lot of humor in his writing
Explains how his mother and he try mocking a wealthier woman's words as if to see from her point of view; "The first dozen times we tried it our voices sounded pinched and snobbish, but by midafternoon they had softened. We wanted what this woman had. Mocking her made it seem hopelessly unobtainable, and so we reverted to our natural selves."
Personal Background
Born December 26th, 1956 in Johnson City, New York
He started to become well known for his writing by having a monthly segment on NPR reading his diary
How is
Our Perfect Summer
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David Sedaris:
Our Perfect Summer

Group: Kyle Gagen, Brooke Frahm, Trent Gibson, Sean Daly, Teryn Christy

Psychology of the main character
"I can relate to this short story greatly! I am the poster child of unfulfilled promises from my father. For years I have heard things that sound just a little too good to be true, and now I hardly believe anything that comes out of his mouth." -Trenton Gibson

"I can relate that everyone wants to live the rich life- it's the easy life. But in all honesty, my family and loved ones are a much greater price than any car or home." -Brooke Frahm

"I can relate to this story because I'm always wanting something new. I look into the future and imagine something greater but what I have right now is perfectly fine." -Kyle Gagen

"It reminds me of vacations and getting excited about all the different stuff there is to do, but ending up not getting to do any of it." -Teryn Christy

"It reminds me of that feeling you would get as a kid when you see a toy you want but aren't allowed to get it. And you get filled with disappointment, but as you age, you learn to cope with not getting the thing that you wanted." -Sean Daly
Broken promises
False hope
Sedaris explains at the end how his family soon loses faith in his father's promises; "In the coming years, our father would continue to promise what he couldn't deliver, and in time we grew to think of him as an actor auditioning for the role of a benevolent millionaire. He'd never get the part but liked the way that the words felt in his mouth."
The short story,
Our Perfect Summer
, opens with eleven year old Sedaris and his mother in a dry cleaner's when they over hear a woman bragging about one of her homes. Him and his mother spend the rest of the day practicing how to perfectly mock the woman's words; "My home, well, one of my homes." Sedaris and his family begin spending a week in September every year at Emerald Isle for vacation. During one of their trips, his father decides to consider buying a house on Emerald Isle as a second home and a place that they can spend their holidays and vacations. His mother and father went house hunting and found the perfect home. As the parents were driving the rest of the family to show their possible second home, the family suggested different names for the house. In the end, Sedaris's father ended up passing the buy and failed to deliver many other promises over the years.
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