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Digital Library Use

No description

Xin Jiang

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Digital Library Use

Also known as OPAC

What can you find through OPAC:
Books, E-books (offline), Periodicals (printed), CDs&DVDs

Search, Browsing, New Books, Suggestion, My Library

Where to find:
University Website -- XJTLU Library -- Quick Links -- Catalogue
University Website -- XJTLU Library -- Quick Search
XJTLU Portal -- Links -- OPAC
Log in with your university username and password
Digital Library Use
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Google Gen
What Else?
Reference Service
Training Service
Off-campus Access
ALRD, the Library
March, 2014

Do you...
Prefer digital forms of communication?
Have low toleration?
Prefer short pieces of information?
Turn to search engines when you have a question or a research topic?

How many types of resources do you know?

What do you know about searching skills?

How to separate good information from junk?

Where to find the needed information?

Are You
Information Literate?
Information Sources
Common Types of Information Sources
Reference Works:
Manuals, Yearbooks, Who's Who, etc.

Common Types of Information Sources
Journal Articles:
Published by academics & experts
Reflect the original research
In-depth & authoritative
"Sooooo difficult & boring to read!"

What is the most important information source when doing research?
How to be
a Good Searcher
Knowledge of developing a search strategy
Gateways to Trusted Resources
-- XJTLU Digital Libraries
But can you trust what you've found on the Internet
Web Resources:
Quick & Immediate
Search engines, Blogs, Websites, etc.
A piece of cake to Google Gen!

One broad topic
Dense & Comprehensive
Thick as bricks!!

Short & Simple
Often written by journalists or common people
Everyday reading -- 5W and 1H
Popular / Professional
Articles longer than news
May be written by professionals & experts
Scholarly Databases
E-books & E-journals
XJTLU Library in Google Scholar
Library Catalogue
Full-text Databases
EBSCOhost Research Databases
SAGE Journal Online
Science Direct
Where to find -->
Database List @ Library Website:
Business Specialised Full-text Databases:
EBSCO Business Source Complete
Hoover's Company Profiles
Numeric Databases
China Data Online
CEIC China+Global Package
China Stock Market & Accounting Research
Economy Prediction System
UN comtrade
Bank Scope (Directory)

SAGE Research Method

PressDisplay online Newspaper Database
The Economist (via ProQuest)
Financial Times (via ProQuest)

E-books &
Where to find -->
E-books in Library Catalogue --> Search Library's OPAC

Online Business & Finance E-books:
Wiley-Blackwell Online Books
McGraw-Hill EBook Library (Business Package)
Handbooks in Economics
Chao Xing Ebooks (Chinese)
Over 50,000 Academic Journals

Search for a particular e-journal at the Resource A-to-Z Navigation Platform
Subject Guides: Books, Digital Resources, Web Resources, Library Training Calendar, Referencing, etc.
http://lib.xjtlu.edu.cn, or
University Website -- XJTLU Library

Your subject resources
Contact information of your librarian
Guides to library tools and services
EBSCO Discovery Service

"Google" in the library

Where to find:
University Website -- XJTLU Library -- Quick Links -- DISCOVER
University Website -- XJTLU Library -- Quick Search
Referencing Tools
XJTLU Referencing
/ Vancouver / IEEE / SBS Referencing System
Referencing Tools
EndNote Web
For more information, please visit:
XJTLU Referencing

Become a "Master of Referencing"
XJTLU Library Reference Desk
Reference & Information Services:
Reference Enquiries
Research Support
Teaching Support
Document Delivery
Book Donation

For more information about
Academic Liaison & Reference Division, please visit:
Library Training
For more information, please visit:
Training Courses

Library Training Calendar

Course Registration

Group Emails to Course Participants
You can download training & supporting materials in LibGuides
Off-campus Access
Knowledge of the retrieval system
Knowledge of the database
Knowledge of the subject domain
Extensive Search Experience!!
Concepts & Keywords
Search Statements
Global searching knowledge and skills -- applicable to all databases/Internet

Boolean Operators
Phrase Search
Phrase Search enables you to search a PHRASE in exact order.

Limiting Search
Each database has its own limit fields

Boolean "AND"
Combine two or more terms using ‘AND’

Only records that contain ALL the specified terms will be retrieved

Narrow down a search

Boolean "OR"
Combine two or more terms using ‘OR’

Records containing either ONE or SOME or ALL the specified terms will be retrieved

BROADEN a search
Boolean "NOT"
Combine two or more terms using ‘NOT’

ONLY records containing term ‘A’ will be retrieved

NO records containing term ‘B’ or ‘AB’

Excluding unwanted search results

Example: Use China's GDP Growth as KEYWORDS in Google

What are the results? How many results can you retrieve?

What should you do if you want to have the phrase in exact order?

Use Double Quotation Marks ("")
"China's GDP Growth"
What are the results this time?
How many results can you retrieve?
Popular Limit Fields are:
You can limit a search by certain criteria.

Full-text, Publication Year (Timespan), Language, Document Type

Help to refine search results
Select a Search Tool
Select a database, source or search tool expected to answer the query

OPAC -- mainly for books & printed periodicals

Library Website -- all library collections
(printed & non-printed)

Specific Database -- journal articles, data & statistics,
e-books, etc.

Web Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)

Web Academic Search Engines (Google Scholar)
Refine Results
"Refine Search" in DISCOVER:
Most of XJTLU digital resources are University IP authentication. To access to digital resource at home or during your trip, you should install and login SSL VPN (Off-campus Access) by

Just follow the steps of installation.

Please refer to SSL VPN Manual in XJTLU Portal.

Journals vs.
News / Magazines
Neuman, W. L. (2011). Social research methods: Qualitative and quantitative approaches (7th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

Why the Library?
Library provides all kinds of printed and electronic resources.
Library resources have been evaluated before they reach you.
Library provides archived resources.
Library databases and search tools provide more search features.
Library resources are not free, but they are free for you to use.
In library, you can get help from librarians.
We're not saying that we should never use the Internet. In fact, there are many open access resources online which you can consult during your research!
Find it @ XJTLU in

New in XJTLU Library

Sometimes when you find a perfect article in Google Scholar, you will be asked to pay for it if it is not an open access resource!

Why Use “Find it @ XJTLU” in Google Scholar?

With “Find it @ XJTLU” links during your Google Scholar searches, you can access those full texts for free!
How to Set up the Link?
Google Scholar -- Settings -- Library Links
* You can find the manual and download it in Library News!
If you have any questions setting up or using the library links, please contact askalibrarian@xjtlu.edu.cn.
How will you search all possible documents on ...
Foreign investment and its impact on China's economic development
-- the importance of concepts and keywords
Where will you search …
Documents on ‘White Pollution’
Recipes of ‘White Chili’
Statements made by ‘Bill White’
-- the importance of selecting an appropriate database
How will you retrieve all documents written by …
Edmund Phelps
Paul Krugman

-- the importance of selecting an appropriate field
What are you going to do with your
Step 1: Concept mapping
Foreign investment -- Foreign capital
Economic development -- Economic growth, economic progress
Step 2: Keywords development -- using Synonyms or Thesaurus
Let's start with the previous question:
How will you search all possible documents on ...

Foreign investment and its impact on China's economic development
Foreign investment + China's economic development
Topic: The impact of poverty on child education
Search statement: Poverty AND Child education
Results: Resources containing both “poverty” and “child education”

Study population: Teens
Search statement: Teen OR Juvenile
Results: Resources containing either “teen” or “juvenile” or both of them
Combine several search terms in one search statement
(Advanced Search sometimes provides the options of Boolean operators)
Search Topic: Export of vehicles and electronics
Search Statement 1: Export AND Vehicles OR Electronics
Search Statement 2: Vehicles OR Electronics AND Export
Search Statement 3: Export AND
(Vehicles OR Electronics)
-- if you want to download the articles
A good online open access resource:
The WorldBank Databank
URL: http://databank.worldbank.org/data/home.aspx
-- if you want to collect data
-- if you want to find news, reference entries, research guidance, etc.
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