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Chapter 12

Integrating Technology into Teaching

Jackie Kim

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 12

Opening Vignette How will you keep up with your students in the area of technology?
Think of all the technology in your life and your students, how can you integrate it into the classroom?
Focus Questions How is technology transforming teaching and learning?
What technologies can be integrated into teaching?
To what degree are teachers integrating technology into their teaching?
What does research say about technology integration and student learning?
What are the challenges of integrating technology into teaching?
How is technology transforming teaching and learning? Anywhere, Anytime learning
Blended Learning – blending of online learning and face to face instruction
Advantages of blended learning
Virtual field trips
Open discussion
Guest Lectures
Vast resources
Accommodation of learning styles
Assessment and Tracking Online social networking – networks that allow uses to communicate via email, blogs, voice chat and discussion groups
Blogs (web log)
3D virtual reality works
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