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The power of now

Eckhart Tolles teachings of presence and Zen

Freedom through Knowledge

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of The power of now

The power of now 1.Human history Phase 1: Unconsciously in the now Phase 11: Consciousness of forms The state of objects, plants and animals
No story of me
No consciousness of time nor form
Limited or no ability to control destiny
Deep purpose in the now Life as frame for forms arising in the now 2.Analyzing the ego Starting to "label" environment The mind as a useful tool Phase 111: The concept of self The birth of the ego Loss of frame
The story of me becomes life Phase 1v: Enlightenment Analyzing the past leads to regret
Thoughts about the future lead to fear Identification of the self through thoughts and emotions leads to endless suffering The only way to find the "self" without the frame of now is through conflict with the "other"
This leads to a lonely me in an frightful world * Concepts can be objects, relationships, deeds, thoughts, emotions etc. Money, physical appearance, relationships, knowledge, accomplishments in order to get a sense of self Life's purpose becomes a frightening and confusing bundle of unattainable concepts Unattainable because future and past are thoughts, not reality. An unattainable life purpose leads to endless frustration. When a concept is attained, the result is anticlimatic Emotions & thoughts become life
Analyzing the problematic story of me The now is the only thing we have
Future and past are mind structures Analyzing through concepts leads to results
The rational mind segmentizes the world into concepts Analyzing the past
Loss of the now
Purpose in the future The story about the self is never finished, the ego never satisfied The death of the ego Regaining the frame Deep understanding that forms come through the now Surrender to the now Allow objects, emotions, thoughts to come through the now
Understand that they are just energy forms, not you No identification of the self through concepts No conflict
No frustration The mind labels the forms arising in the now and plays with it Man becomes master of form
Conceptualization and analysis lead to technology and physical progress Find your new, real purpose in the now Concept of time emerges Be the awareness that observes the forms, under which the stream of thought and emotion (ego) through the frame of now, rather than through the ego itsself The ego grasps for concepts to extract a story about the self 1. Me 11. Conflict 111. Thoughts and emotions The analytical mind conceptualizes life as "my life" Loss of understanding of life as consciousness of forms arising in the now
Life becomes an obsession with the mind made, often extremely warped story of me Depth of life disappears by labelling the environment instead of enjoying it through awareness Warped by emotions, conditioned by evolution
Warped by subjective often reocurring thoughts influenced by childhood, parents, etc. All memories having no influence on the Now The analytical mind is not you It is a tool to play with the forms, to improve the physical conditions
Like a calculator it needs problems in order to exist
Identification with the analytical mind makes you into a problem and conflict seeking creature, for that is where you find yourself The only way the analytical mind can solve a problem is through conflict between me and the rest of the world The whole world becomes a bundle of concepts in your head in relationship to you People become friends or enemies
The "I" looks to feed itsself by concepts to make them his own or dismiss them (hater or fan) Endless self seeking in conflict with the world This conflict with concepts (love, hate, friends, enemies, future, past etc.) leads to regret, anger, fear Pointless recurring thoughts about completely relative and distorted story of me versus the world lead to a bodily reaction, emotions Emotions and thoughts about the self distort events and other peoples motives to align them with the emotion or set of beliefs (thoughts)
An eternal battle with the world leads to an illusive, endlessly frustrating and unhealthy life 3.Letting go of the ego 1. The concept of time 11. Stop self seeking Nobody has ever experienced past or future Take them for what they are: concepts, tools Life is Now and only that Yet the majority of peoples analytical minds has made them believe life is the story in their head
Constantly contemplating past and future as a search for who they are Rationalizing emotions, dramatizing events adding to the story of me
Reframing events based on former beliefs about past events Embrace the now Past and future are NOT real. They are a bundle of unsure relative thoughts, emotions
and concepts in your head You are the now
You are consciousness in the now The past nor the future have any influence on who you are 111. Stop resisting what is Never ask a barber if you need a haircut
Never ask a problem solver (analytical mind) who you are It will make your life an unsolvable clew of problems Start giving to the world instead of taking things to feed your ego Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world
You are withholding it because you believe you don't deserve it
Give and it will be given to you Whatever concept you identify with, you're selling yourself short
You are the awareness in the Now No role, concept, thought or emotion you identify with will give you inner peace Trying to attain it will give frustration for not being there yet (being uncomplete)
Attaining it will be anticlimatic in the long run and may lead to regret
Losing it will bring deep suffering through loss of "who you are" 1v. Awareness Accept what is
Play with forms and use concepts to improve your physical life
Accept failure, loss etc. for what they are Concepts in your head, useable for further improvement
NOT a part of you or you Understand that every form of frustration, regret, sorrow etc. is a form of resistance against the reality of Now and be aware of it Every form of emotion means you've identified with a concept
It's rooted in the false belief that life is your story instead of your awareness in the now
It doesn't help you, ever Stop your thoughts, look around, feel and see reality for what it is
Give yourself over to that beauty Awareness is the solution to the ego Awareness of the recurring thoughts that form the ego
Awareness of the emotions that come with it
Awareness of the illusion of time
Awareness of the shallowness of a conceptual world
Awareness of the beauty and depth of reality in the Now Observe the ego in the now Observe the analytical mind working on the story of you
Observe the emotions and thoughts as they arise in the now The moment you observe the ego and the thoughts and emotions that come with it, it disappears It can not live with how small and unimportant the story of me is
It has spent all this energy at a concept that's completely pointless and illusive Now you see the obsessive insanity of a "normal" life
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