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My internships

No description

Hugo Levesque

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of My internships

Hugo Levesque - My Internships
The first 2 weeks..
- Who needs first impressions?

- Edit and Studio training

- Asking for more work...and more work...
(Showing determination, while learning the tools at your disposal)
Last 2 weeks
- If you ask, you might just get it (Shooting ENG)

-Welcome to Tick county

-If someone wants to teach you something, LET THEM! (Even if you've heard it before)

-Let people critique your work.
Getting a job
- Don't get cocky (everyone is better than you)

- Know when it's time to be serious. (Which is most of the time)

- Take responsibility for your screw ups

- Keep learning, even if it's not in your specific area. (Versatility makes you harder to replace)
Second Internship
- Production (commercial) and Switching

- Get yourself out of your comfort zone

- Be professional.....

- Show up early..always

-Make your work speak for you

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