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Carolyn Hancock Toll

No description

Joy Johnson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Carolyn Hancock Toll

Joy Johnson 1. What instruments did you play when you were young?
When Carolyn was young she played the flute and the piano.
2. How old were you when you first started to play your violin?
Carolyn at the age of 5 started to play the violin. Her next door neighbor had a niece who played, and she saw her play. Carolyn asked her parents if she could play the violin and they told her to wait until she was 5. They figured she would forget about it, but on her 5th birthday, she marched into the living room and said “where’s my violin?”

Childhood: 1. Who taught you how to play the violin?
Carolyn’s teacher was a man who had never taught violin to someone so young before. He was not sure how to teach me at first, but he went and got some beginning violin books. She was also studying with Dorothy DeLay(dead now but world famous) and one of her assistants. Dorothy DeLay only came down from NY once a month, but Carolyn sometimes arranged to go to NY for extra lessons with her.
2. Did you play in an orchestra?
Carolyn was playing the violin for an average of 8 hours because of the orchestra and chamber music. Other orchestras she played with are Fort Wayne Chamber Orchestra and symphony Orchestra. Childhood: 1.When did you know that you wanted to be a professional musician?
She did not make some big decision to be a professional, as much as she wondered if she would be. She played violin all her life and it seemed natural to keep doing it.
2. Did you go to a music college or a regular college?
Carolyn went to both a music and a regular college. She went to Performing Arts College in Philadelphia and she went for her masters to Indiana University to get the "University" experience.
College and early career Carolyn Hancock Toll Joined the Atlanta Symphony on August 1985. Carolyn plays the violin.
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