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Copy of Personal Hygiene Assignment

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samantha Lichtenwald

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Personal Hygiene Assignment

lean Hands
Wash your hands before you eat and after you go to the bathroom.
Use a paper towel to turn on and off the faucet after washing your hands.
You should keep your nails trimmed and filed.
Use a nail brush for extra nail cleaning.
If your hands get dry and hurt use lotion.
You should wash your face very morning and night and after exercising.
You should wash your hands before touching your face and do not pick or squeeze at acne or else it can cause scars or even more acne.
on to Good Hygiene!
Brush your teeth 3X a day, after every meal.
Look for toothpaste with fluoride and pick a soft bristle toothbrush.
Floss daily and visit the dentist every six months.
Watch what you eat too, certain foods can stain your teeth.
lean Body
You should shower and apply deodorant every day, along with clean underwear and socks.
When you shower make sure to clean your entire body.
You should wear flip flops in shower and pool areas to prevent athletes foot.
Your feet produce a lot of sweat, so it is very important to wash this area.
When you wash your hair make sure to get all of the shampoo washed out, or else it will make it look dirty.
You can use conditioner, but make sure you use it more at the ends than at the scalp.
Never share hair accessories such as hairbrushes or ponytail holders, or else your could get lice.
Make sure to keep hair free of tangles, and brush it everyday to remove dead hair.
Thanks for watching!
Quiz Time!
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