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Baxter Inc.

No description

Federico Lasta

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Baxter Inc.

Medical products
Corporate mission
"Baxter's mission is to
save and sustain lives
, it is committed to helping our many global stakeholders thrive by
creating lasting social, environmental and economic value
in how we do business.
The goal is to operate
responsibly and effectively i
n service to all these groups as it advances the frontiers of patient health and increase the availability of our products globally."
Corporate Social responsability
1. In 2012 Baxter initiated many partnerships:
collaboration in Brazil that will meaningfully increase the availability of recombinant therapy for hemophilia patients while also creating local economic opportunity;
new alliances in China and Thailand that will bring dialysis therapy to more end-stage renal disease patients.

2. Integrating sustainability considerations:
reducing carbon footprint at facilities worldwide through recent measures such as our use of biomass energy in India;
the installation of energy cogeneration and trigeneration units in Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Australia and the installation in Malta of Baxter’s largest solar photovoltaic system to date.

World War II led to an increase in demand for medical products – RAPID Growth

Geographical expansion...
International Expansion and major acquisitions led Baxter to further grow its business
...with solid premises
Baxter created its own international sales team so that it no longer had to rely on outside sources or multi-company agents.
And it eventually paid off
Fortune Magazine listed Baxter as one of the 500 largest American Corporations.

Globalization kicks in
Manufacturing and support operations expand worldwide

Baxter expanded to deliver a wide variety of products and services (vaccines, blood analysis products) through external acquisitions of small start-ups throughout the world
Baxter International Inc. was founded in 1931 and was the first manufacturer of commercially prepared intravenous solutions
The first boom
Historical outline
What Baxter has become today
Heavily specialized in medical supplies and machinery to treat hemophilia, kidney diseases and perform intravenous therapies

Headquarters Deerfield, Illinois, U.S.

Nearly 49.000 employees in the world

Public Company, listed at NYSE with $38B mkt CAP

And how Baxter Does that?
Save and sustain lives
Development, manufacture and marketing of products that help people with hemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma, and other chronic and acute medical conditions.
Fundamental research
Many of the therapies that Baxter has pioneered require the use of a device for the controlled delivery of fluids. The company offers unique capabilities in the design, development and integration of hardware and electronic systems and the software that controls them.
Applied research and testing
Clinical trials and efficiency test
Mass manufacturing
Value creation
Value delivering and capturing
Baxter “3 Step Approach” to Stakeholders
Safe and Healthy Work Environment
Seasonal flu vaccinations offered to all employees
Subsidized access to exercise facilities in Baxter locations

Diverse Work Environment
Establishing three Business Resource Groups (BRGs):
African-American Leadership Council
Asian Leadership Network
Baxter Equality Network - LGBT

Ethical Conduct and Legal Compliance
Enhancing U.S. Healthcare Compliance Program
International Anticorruption Program within the company
Harmonizing and enforcing standards on financial interactions with healthcare providers, research on products and services and discourage improper incentives

Innovation pipeline
Thank you for your attention!
Hardware and Software Development
Baxter revolutionized blood collection with the first flexible plastic blood-collection container, which led to the first flexible plastic IV solution container for IV therapy. After that thereafter Baxter introduced the MINI-BAG container systems for IV drugs, and the flexible plastic containers used in peritoneal dialysis, the first portable dialysis therapy
Medical Plastics
Baxter introduced the first commercially produced intravenous (IV) solutions, premixed in glass containers and shipped ready for use, and later introduced the world's first flexible plastic IV containers.
Drug Delivery

Innovation pipeline
Hemophilia B, Chathman Therapeutics (Baxter press Release )
Pacritinib, CTI (Factiva)
Both in the Hemophilia sector, in which they already are and in the Honcology sector, in which they are trying to be leaders, we find the same Business Model: CONTRACT MANUFACTURING ORGANIZATION
"The collaboration will complement Baxter's existing oncology business and growing oncology pipeline, and will leverage our global commercialization capacity to extend the availability of pacritinib, which we believe has the potential to address a significant unmet medical need," said Ludwig Hantson, Ph.D., President of Baxter BioScience. "said Ludwig Hantson, Ph.D., President of Baxter BioScience".
"This collaboration will provide additional financial resources and commercial expertise to position us to pursue the development, commercialization and market potential of pacritinib."said James A. Bianco, M.D., President and CEO of CTI.
Myelofibrosis, Pacritinib
Partnership between Baxter and Cell Therapeutics Inc. have entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement to develop and commercialize Pacritinib, now undergoing stage 3 trials.
Under the terms of the agreement, Baxter gains exclusive commercialization rights for all indications for pacritinib outside the United States and Baxter and CTI will jointly commercialize pacritinib in the United States. Baxter will make an upfront payment of $60 million, which includes an equity investment in CTI of $30 million. In addition, CTI is eligible to receive clinical, regulatory, and commercial launch milestone payments of up to $112 million, $40 million of which relates to clinical milestones that may be achieved in 2014. Assuming regulatory approval and commercial launch, CTI may receive additional sales milestone payments. CTI will receive royalties on net sales of pacritinib in ex-US markets, and the companies will share U.S. profits equally. Baxter will record a special pre-tax in-process research and development charge in the fourth quarter of 2013 of approximately $30 million.
financial reminder
Baxter made a $25 million upfront cash payment for the development and advancement of the program through early clinical trials, and will record this amount as a special pre-tax in-process research and development charge in the second quarter of 2012. Baxter may make additional payments over the next several years based on certain development and commercial milestones.
financial reminder
Full integration
Baxter's BioScience provides
therapies, particularly
blood disorders:
"As an established leader in hematology and rare disease, we are committed to
advancing novel therapies
in an effort to broaden patient access to care" Ludwig Hanson, Ph.D., President of BioScience division

Antibody therapy
Critical care therapy
Pulmonology therapy
Regenerative medicine and biosurgery
Hemophilia therapy
$6,2B revenues (2012)

Core competence
: manufacturing of
recombinant and plasma-based proteins

Typical business model
: partnership and collaboration to obtain core recombinants at the start of the value chain. Then, application of plasma-fractioning expertise to obtain breakthourgh innovations, test and commercializing them.
Key Financials (FY 2012)
Revenue $14,2B (FY 2012)

Operating income $2,8B (FY 2012)

Net income $2,3B (FY 2012)

Total assets US$20.4B (FY 2012)

Source: Baxter Annual report 2012
Business approach
Hemophilia and oncology

Hemophilia B, partnership Chatman Therapeutics - Baxter
Global rights of marketing and commercialization of potential treatment for Hemophilia B using Chatman's gene therapy technology.

"This initiative complements Baxter's extensive hemophilia portfolio and helps to address need of hemophilia patients" Ludwig Hanson, PhD president of BioScience business
I made a new presentation, work on that one :)
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