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Why is soccer so popular

My soccer Prezi for school Please no mean comments

River Ruiz

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Why is soccer so popular

The Popularity of South American Soccer increases every day. International teams meet like FIFA World Cup,Olympics! Different countries including Argentina,Chile,Brazil And others. South America Necessary disclaimer: Yes, a lot of people here play and enjoy soccer. But you don't have to visit South America, Africa or Western Europe to understand that it's just not the same. Not popular in North America Soccer Soccer is a very fun sport About Soccer Soccer is about kicking a ball and is played with 11 players on a team and a goalie blocks shots defence trys to make the other team not to score and a mid sets up plays for the striker/aka forward: they go for all the balls in the other peoples zone and they recieve pass's from the mid and sometimes from Defence and then the shot in hard or dangle and SCORE!!!!!!! Soccer was first created and Developed in England in the 19th century. In 1904 Fifa World Cup soccer was found and played with atleast 1000 people each year. Soccer is called football in some countries. Chinese and Greek,Mayan,Egyptian show that kicking games were played in those cultures! The best Player In the world was Edson Arantes DoNascimento (Pele). Soccer can have so many people playing it. Regular Soccer league started in England in 1888. Soccer History Soccer Kid! Why is soccer so popular MLS Soccer Teams World Cup Teams There is a lot of Soccer fans out there and the number 3.3-3.6 billion range! thats almost half of the world! Many people have asked why is soccer so popular? the popularity of this sport can be attributed to factors ranging from its simple nature to its difficultly. Europe There isn’t very many sports in Europe but Soccer is Big in Europe, think the game is so popular because the rules are simple, one only needs a ball to play and games can be played with any formation of players,Club teams that belong to a neighborhood." Schindler explained. "Fans of all ages and gender follow the victories and defeats of their teams throughout the year My 4 Favorite teams 4. 3. 2. 1. Soccer Info By: River Ruiz Why is soccer so popular
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