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Kroniki Kulturalne

Presentation about idea and development of Kroniki Kulturalne, polish cultural website.

Adam Wierszuń

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Kroniki Kulturalne

What is it all about? The idea and development Why did it fail? Quality policy - while one post a week policy had replaced with new one authors stopped creating new content due to the laziness. Return of the Kroniki Kulturalne If we decide to try again there are some things that must be changed. The Genesis Found in November 2010 as a project of friends. Web page created on blogger.com: a few authors creating articles in convention of a blog using polish language. The Development Quickly became quite popular: new authors had joined, new subjects had occurred. At first there was new layout and then the idea of a separate web page. Strict one post a day policy had guaranteed stability and continuity. The Collapse Situation got worse in summer holidays 2012. The planned vacation break transformed into devastation of the project. Some authors did not even return, some other stopped their work due to the university duties. So... What next? After the failure of project there comes crucial question: what will be our next step? Should we try to rebuild it or maybe go somewhere else? Lesson 1: We are friends but we have specified duties. If you disagree - feel free to leave. Lack of short-term successes and stability which lead to boredom. Lesson 2: Always make short-term goals and be sure everyone knows how is the project doing. Lack of a marketing: the portal was not widely known, even in Wroclaw. Lesson 3: Good marketing is a key to success: it motivates employees and develops the company. Authors were supposed to come up with ideas for new articles. Due to the lack of ideas there were no new posts. Lesson 4: There has to be a specific subject policy: authors can use their own ideas but there have to have prepared topics. Previous experiences,
an opportunity for development, invested money, business perspectives, the vision, networking, a potential, an occasion to gain experience. Fatigue of team, lack
of new ideas for articles, authors without new ideas, a need for organizational revolution, demotivation and fear of another
collapse. for against 1. New subject policy: looking for authors to fit specified category, not creating new. Also strict category policy.
2. Professionalization of the project: people responsible for the marketing and technical support can not be authors: they can only write occasionally.
3. Feedback: creation of a new forum in which every new article will be checked for any mistakes.
4. Integration of a team: we have to meet more often and talk to each other, discuss articles and new ideas.
5. The diversification of authors: project needs people from various universities and environments.
6. More professional relations between team members: we are friends and there are some rules that have to be obeyed. Blogspot layout: Layout @.com
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