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Things you need to know about Art

Here is a few things that I thought were important about art

Maddison Heath

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Things you need to know about Art

There are many different types of paints and ways to paint. Some of the paints are watercolors, Acrylics, etc. Painting Drawing in itself is an art but when you add things like texture and colors it really starts to become your own. Drawing As you Shade you can't just shade random places. You have to think about where the light is coming from and shade away from it. Shading Charcoal is one of the harder art tools to use because unlike paint you cant go over or erase what you do, Its all permanent. Charcoal Texture is the part of a drawing that makes it look like fabric, netting, skin, etc. Texture Fading colors is where you have two different colors on different sides of the paper that meet in the middle causing different colors to show. Fading colors Colors are important for the most part in art. Without colors no one would know what fabric to get when a fashion designer makes a designed for clothes, or what color the artist really wants them to imagine their artwork as. Colors People most commonly remember this as the Ink they would use with the feather pen. But it is also used for painting in art. India Ink There are more types of pencils than just 2B, there is also 5B, 6B, H, etc. The different types of pencils are softer or lighter depending on what they are. For example and H pencil is harder than a 5B making the strokes lighter. Pencils There are different types of paint brushes. For example there are the Fan brushes which are good for painting realistic hair. Paint Brushes When finding the right eraser you have to find one that doesn't smudge your work, typically you want to find a softer kind of eraser, even though they break easier they are much better at erasing. Erasers Different types of Art There are many different types of Art careers. There is photography, Graphic Design, and Animators just to name a few
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