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justice wiggins

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of j

Religions INDIA
Hinduism- Hinduism is the prodominant and indingenous religious tradition
of South Asia. Hinduism is the main
religion of India,which has many gods
that are part of the supreme being.81
percent of Indians are Hindu.Hindu
concepts come with reincarnation and
veneration for trees and animals thats
can be symbols of a certain god.
Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul
in another body.Veneration is the condition
or status of one is venerated.
Sikhism- Sikhism is a monistic
religion founded in the fifthteen
century Punjab on the teachings of Guru
Nanak Dev and ten successive Sikh
Gurus.Punjab is a state or region
in India.Guru Nanak Dev is a person that
was the first of the ten Sikh Gurus.
2 percent of India is Sikh,mostly in
Punjab.The Sikh religion emerged around
the 16th century,drawing on principles from
both Hinduism and Islam.
Buddhism- Buddhism stems,in
part,from Brahnim philosophy.
Buddhism is a religion and
philosophy encompassing a variety
of traditions,beliefs and practices,
largely based on teachings attributed
to Siddhattha Guatama,commonly known
as the Buddha("the awakened one") and
is classified as an Indian religion. Starting in India,Buddhism flourished for
a time but did not maintain a following there. Less than 1 percent of India's
population is Buddhist. Jainism- Jains,powerful in
India also comprise less than
1 percent. Jainism is an ancient
religion of India. Less than 3 percent
of the population is Christian. Jains
practice a reverence for life,non-violence,
self-denial and vegetarianism.

Judaism- Judaism has small
followings. Orthodox or observant Jews strictly adhere
to certain behavorial imperatives,such as honoring
the Jewish Sabbath from sundown
Friday to sundown Saturday adn following dietary codes.76 percent of Israel is Juda.16 percent of the population is
Muslim.2 percent is Christian, about half of which is Greek
Orthodox.Judaism concentrates on a unique relationship and responsibility between the Creator and the Jewish nation,as particularly outlined in the Bible's first five books of Moses. JORDAN
Muslim- Muslim is an adherent
of the religion of Islam.
Muslims believe the Qur'an contains the word of Allah as
revealed to the prophet Muhammad. They pray five times daily and they fast from sunup to sundown each day during the holy month of Ramadon. Nearly 92
percent of Jordan's are Sunni
Muslims.A Sunni Muslim is a member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful to Muhammad. Christians,(Greek Orthodox,
Catholics,Protestants,and others) symbolize about 6 percent of the population. CHINA
Government policy allows China
to exercise religious beliefs
within specific guidelines.30
percent of China have some religious
faith. Sikhism symbol Buddhism symbol Guatama Buddha
Jainism symbol Judaism symbol muslims in jordan Sunni Muslim Hinduism Muslim symbol Muslim Christianity Greek Othodox Christianity
Greek Orthodox Guru Nanak Dev spiritual teacher
who founded buddhism
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