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Operation Security Blanket

How the program came about, how it works and how it impacts the community.

Modern Systems

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Operation Security Blanket

In response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Modern Systems created Operation Security Blanket.
Timeline of Operation Security Blanket
Panic Alarm Systems were donated to over 30 Kentucky Schools at no cost directly or indirectly to the school systems.
Schools were trained on their new systems.

Here's how they work...
A situation occurs on school grounds, one of the panic buttons located throughout the school is pressed...
Police are notified...
Teachers and Staff are notified via text that the panic alarm was pressed. They then follow school procedures.
Operation Security Blanket gains national attention.
This attention gets security companies in other areas contributing to the security of their schools.
When you purchase a Modern Systems security alarm...
You're not just protecting your family and home...
You're helping to protect Kentucky schools.
Without the loyal support of our customers, this program would
be possible.
Team Spirit
Surrounded by the student athletes of Somerset High School are (l-r): Firefighter Bengie Howard, Sheriff Todd Wood, Jason Lutz (Honeywell), Chris Kingsley, David and Libby Morris (Modern Systems owners), Kevin Lloyd, Superintendent Boyd Randolph, Deputy Scott West, Officer Jordan Holtzclaw, Captain Junior Fortenberry.
Community Involvement was key for the program's success.
Somerset Lexington Bowling Green
January 1, 2013
March 2013
January 2013 - January 2014
Giving you one less thing to worry about.
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