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XXz's Announcements Page

My Announcements Page!!! Yeah! Check it! XXz is the creator of playing to learn: comedy edition. Last updated: 1-17-2013

XXz !

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of XXz's Announcements Page

XXz's Announcements page Coming soon: BIG News: The Spotlight: UPDATED WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT!!! N64 Coming Soon 1 2 3 *-Not decided Expanded Playing to learn Comedy Edition XXz Three Monotheistic Religions Video Games Three Major Hits MICE III CENSORED 4 DIARY THE SHENMUE DON'T MISS THE SMASH HIT PLAYING TO LEARN comedy
Edition SO DON'T WHINE!!! THE COCA-COLA COMPANY: COMEDY EDITION WOW.Over like 30 people have copied
my prezi,I must be famous. THANK YOU! I'll put this as nicely as I can...
Everything's canceled. Video Games Please Look at the Big News section of the prezi. _____ Dear People who have seen my prezis,
I do not plan on using prezi much
anymore, so please don't expect
anything new exactly anytime soon.
Also, I have closed PTL: comedy
edition for copy. I may open it up
again someday, but not soon. Thanks for support and stuff,
-XXz currently updated as of 1-17-2013
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