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No description

Lauryn Li Rosi

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Tornadoes

(Weather hazards and extreme weather events)
How are tornadoes made?
These are the steps to how a tornado is formed:
How can tornadoes affect peoples lives?
1 day later...

A month after a tornado hit,
Tornado outbreak
Central United States

2nd of April, 2006
By Lauryn Li Rosi
What is a tornado?
Latin: meaning twist or turn

Tornadoes are powerful whirlwinds that are
the shape of a funnel or cone. These types
of disasters can top 110 miles (177km) per
hour and normally last about 20 seconds to
a few hours. Even though scientists have
discovered how a tornado is created, they
still don't understand how or when it is formed.
We hardly get tornadoes in our country but it
did you know that the United States get
about 800 - 1000 tornadoes a
what are tornadoes?
Tornadoes occur more in the afternoon and evening then any other time of the day. This is because tornadoes are related to
thunderstorms, and thunderstorms form at the warmest time of day which is the afternoon and evening. The first three signs to know when a tornado is approaching are light rain which then turns into heavier rain and then it begins to hail.

1. The temperature on land increases whilst moist air heats and begins to rise.
2. Then the warm and moist air meets cold and dry air which then explodes upwards, breaking
the layer above.
3. A storm quickly forms which can involve; rain, thunder and lightning.
4. Upward movements of air cause winds from different directions to turn which tnen forms a cone or funnel that drops to the ground from the cloud/storm

The day after a tornado hit
would have to be the the saddest and
1 week later...
A week after a tornado hit, families and businesses would start planning and reconstructing their
homes and work places/buildings. Families and
friends would bury there loved ones
and would still be mourning
over there loss.
hardest day to cope. People may have lost
there loved ones such as family and friends, and homes that have been destroyed. Some people would probably start collecting and finding whats left of there belongings whilst other could be mourning for the people who have died during the indecent.
Marmaduke tornado 2nd of April, 2006


Tornadoes: library of natural of natural disasters: world book: published, 2008



1 month later...
construction on homes and buildings
would be half way to being completed.
Families wou.ld be living out of town or at a
home that hasn't be destroyed.
1 year later...
A year later, homes would've been completed
by now whilst tall, business buildings would
be half way on being completed. The people
in the town/city would be living there daily
lives as normal.
Many tornadoes affect peoples lives,
especially the environment but this tragedy
was one of the most devastating.
On the 2nd of April, 2006, 66 tornadoes struck central America in the afternoon and evening. This disaster lasted about 6 hours and 43 minutes. The first tornado hit south Lowa at 3;47pm whilst a few tornadoes hit Missouri, Arkansas and Lllinois over thee next hour and a half. A few hours later, at 7:30pm, a F3 tornado hit Tennessee.

Four waves of storms hit Kentucky in the late afternoon, then at *;50pm, another F3 tornado hit Hopinkinsville. The last state that was affected was in Indiana at 10;00pm.
What were the weather
Before the event happened, there were winds going 200 miles (322km) an hour. Big storms began to form fast and was heading south and east. Along with the tornadoes, widespread, fast moving winds called derechos, blew up to
130 miles (209km) in a straight line.
What was the damage?
Meteorologists had explained that there would be severe weather leading up to the date that the event had happened,
What were the weather conditions
during the event?
conditions leading up to the event?
26 people were killed in less than 7 hours, also leaving 113 people people injured during the event:
In Tennessee, a tornado struck a small town called Newburn, leaving 16 people killed and at least 75 injured,
In Hopkinsville, southwest of Kentucky, the F3 tornado injured 28 people.
The winds that blew along with the tornado, caused one person to die in Lllinois and Missouri,

The inflicted damage estimated to about 1.1 billion:
1,000 homes throughout the U.S was damaged or destroyed.
Half of Marmaduke and Arkansas was in ruins, leaving some buildings badly damaged. But luckily no one in those two towns were killed.

Long term affects on people
The loss of lives affected many families and friends as well as their homes, towns/cities and belongings that are gone and some irreplaceable.
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