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Ms. Henderson

for back to school night

Valerie Henderson

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Ms. Henderson

Ms. Henderson
The Basics:
How to succeed in my class:
Be respectful -
of people and things
Ask questions!
Inquiry is part of science
Do your work
Bring your Binder
Many other students will use this classroom throughout the day. Leave it as good or better than you found it.
Be prepared -
school dress code, conduct, course materials
Be present
- Be ready and willing to learn. Tardy = get pass
When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat, and starting on the Warm-up/In.
- science is a collaborative process which requires the input of all individuals in the class.
Required Materials:
1. pen, pencil, colored pencils
2. highlighter
3. scissors
4. Binder (at least 1 in thick)
5. calculator (scientific)
6. 1 gallon size ziploc bag
8. Dividers (4 sections)

Table of Contents
Notebook Commentary Page
I will use this page to communicate your weekly NB score.
The rebuttle section is for you to write any changes you've made so I can re-grade the previous section based on changes/corrections.
You must submit a rebuttle for material from one week prior, only.
This year, I am teaching:

Chemical & Physical Systems
Environmental Chemistry

The front cover:
We are going to make a vision board.
1 min. discuss with your partner:
What is a vision board?
Please be prepared to share your answer(s).
This is where you'll display pictures/words/quotes about who you are and what your goals are. (they can be goals for this class, this semester, or for after you graduate high school)
Our studies of Chemistry will be broken down into units.
For each unit, you will create a table of contents.
By creating this table of contents, you will be able to see what we did each day of the unit.
Chemistry is a spiraling course. This means that what you learn in unit 1 will be used in unit 2, 3, etc all the way to the end of our studies.
How to set up your T.O.C.
Title (activity/assignment name)
Unit 1 : [Unit Title Goes Here]
Table of Contents
Lab Safety
Now that we've talked about how class will run...we need to focus on a very important part of studying science...
Our NBs will follow the AVID Interactive Notebook (INB) format.
To participate in lab (which you need to do to pass the class), you must:
1. Sign Safety Contract - paper handout
2. Pass Lab Safety Test (Quiz) - online
Go to my website
click on General Course Documents and scroll down to the Lab Safety Center
Rooms: D 218 & 220

Office: D 219 or D

B.S. Biology w/ emphasis in Science Education
Teaching License w/ authorizations in Biology, Chemistry, and Integrated Science
Internationally collaborative research project: teaching science better
marine science camp counselor & scuba dive camp counselor in Florida.
worked @ a zoo
Study Guides
What is the basic format?
Why INBs?
Want to know more about the research behind interactive notebooks?
JCHS is a National AVID Demonstration School. We
the AVID way!
INBs give students the tools they need to use multiple learning styles to interact with the content to make sense of new learning.
Your binder is where you will keep your work.
It doesn't have to be only for science. You may share it with another class.
Our study of science will be broken down into units, each unit will have its own table of contents.
For Fun
Class Website:
All course materials
What's there?
Email me
My Schedule 2016 - 2017
1. Phys & Chem Sys D220
2. Prep
3. Honors Phys & Chem Sys D 218
4. Honors Phys & Chem Sys D 218

5. Environmental Chem D 218
6. Honors Phys & Chem Sys D 218
7. Phys & Chem Sys D 220
Office: D 203
(remind me to find me)
Now that you know a little bit about me...
Please make a name tag:
hold your paper landscape orientation
fold paper hot dog style

What should be on your nametag?
first and last
if you have a preferred name, please write that in place of your first name
at least 1 something that makes you stand out or something that represents you
Who are you?
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