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The World is Flat?

Christopher Columbus is a explorer

mckaylee roth

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of The World is Flat?

The World is Flat? Childhood Facts of Columbus! when Christopher was a young boy people thought he would grow up to be a weaver because his father and grandfathers had always been weavers.His given name was Cristoforo Colombo.Christopher grew up in Genoa, Italy he was born in 1451,we don't know the actual date that he was born.He was the oldest of five children in his family.His formal Education ended when he was fourteen. Before Columbus Became Famous! in 1479Columbus married a rich portuguese women named Felipa Perestrello Moniz,there only child Diego was born in 1480.Felipa died in 1484 or 1485.Soon after that Christopher was living with another woman named Beatriz Enriquez de Harana, who had Columbus's second child, Ferdinand.Christopher tried for seven years to get his idea financed so he could start his expedition. Work Cited List! Aller Susan Bivin.Christopher Columbus.New York:Barnes and Noble,Inc.,2002.

Moose Christina j."The Renaissance & Early Modern Era."Great Events from History.

Unknown,Unknown,Unknown." Unknown." The World Book Encyclopidia.2011. Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492! Christopher took three ships,with ninety men total,he set sail from Palos, Spain On Aug.3, 1492.
It took them two months and three days to get to San Salvador Island.On the way back from San Salvador the Santa Maria ship wrecked on a reef because Christopher was tired and left a sailor in charge who then gave a crew member the wheel,so Christopher soon boarded the, and then after that the Pinta and Nina got separated in a storm. voyage 1: voyage 2:
On the second voyage ther were seventeen ships with 1,200-1,500 men sent to sea.They left Spain on Sept 25 1493.Only twelve out of seventeen ships returned to Spain. voyage 3:
On May. 30, 1498 Columbus departed from Sanlucar, Spain, with six ships.Columbus
his success in reaching Asia,he failed to acknowledge that he had landed on a new continent. voyage 4: On May 9, 1502, Columbus set sail.Ferdinand,Christopher's son was 14,he went on this voyage.On Nov. 7, 1504, 100 surviving crew members and Columbus made it back to Sanlucar, Spain from a terrifying trip.
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