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Software Structure P5

No description

Kevin Valencia

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Software Structure P5

Software Structure & Life Cycle P5
Design Principles
Quality of Code = The code structure would need to be up to standards, so it should be able to work and maintain itself by its own structure.

Readability = The programmer would need to be able to read the program and leave comments for the next programmer to edit it if there is a new project that needs the code.

Implementing Section = The Implementing section is when the programmer is creating the HTML code for the specific website. Additionally, this is part of the life cycle and its very important.

Quality of code
Mind Map
Software structure
Mind Map
Step 1: Users Requirements = As the programmer you would need to ask the users requirements and what they may want on the web page.

Step 2: Create Specification = The programmer would need need to create short design to begin the web page; so how it would look.

Step 3: Test Program = The website may need to be tested to see how it may appear.

Step 4: Write Program = The program would need to be written.

Step 5: Create Design = The design of the program would have to be up to standard and what the client requested.

Step 6 Maintain System = The program would need to maintain itself for the client to use repeatedly.
Software Structure Fits into SDLC
Software structure fits into SDLC very well
As the software structure must have steps upon being created, just like the SDLC. The system development must have the factors that the SDLC contain such as: a purpose for its creation, a mock-up design, the websites creation and finally being able to maintain itself for user’s interaction. Therefore, software structures fit into the SDLC.

Reliable & Robust
Pre- defined Code
Classes and Objective
Websites would need to be able to maintain itself, this would be very important as programs would need to be able to maintain its basic structure.
The programs would need to be able to work on a range of hardware's phone, tablets and computers. This is beneficial because the software would be given a similar look on multiple devices making it much more easier to work with.
The program would has to be readable as there would be other programmers that will use the code and possibly advance it. Therefore, the previous programer would have to leave comments saying what it does.

The software would be used by humans so it should have no problem being interacted by a human. This is for every device. Furthermore, the program would need to be easy to use without any complications as this would benefit the users experience.
The program would have to restart after shutdown as normal, or before the shutdown the program displays the message. This would be a small pop0-up.

The functions of the program may be advanced so it could work much faster or there may be another feature added.

This program is based on real life objects such as in a library the objects would be books. Also products that people may purchase so class and an object is sort of a data holder.
A procedure is the response that is given to the user by the hardware and the software within. Also the response may hold a line of code and that is the instructions that need to be executed, and work correctly.
The code previously done would have similar requirements to the program done in the past. It would then be given a function procedure.
The software structure is very important as the development cycle for the creation of web pages also software system and more. Moreover, these cycles are vital because the cycle is a step by step for programmers or developers, also it wouldn't leave them in the dark about what they have to do when starting a software project. Furthermore, I have explained the main topics that are involved quite a lot with the software structure and how it fits with the system development life cycle.

Advancing onto another point, I have explained in this presentation how the life cycle is affected by the software structure, also why it has similar steps to the life cycle.

Finally, I am confident to state that I have explained the main topics that a program may need to know; if they want to understand the life cycle more and in depth there are references at the bottom. Also I have talked about the mind map which covers relevant topics also. Therefore, I believe that this is beneficial to viewers that are staring to know about the life cycle.

RAD= Rapid Application Development is when the program is implemented to a high quality, which is prototyped very early.

Prototype= A prototype is an early version of the device, software or electronic hardware. However, it hasn't been made public to citizens.

Agile Development functions and procedures= The agile Development is a group that develop programs and structure which then create different types of methods of tackling problems.

Class and Objects= The program has objects that exist its sort of similar to a data holder for example a shop would have products another example the library having books.
Google has many structures which benefit them, so they can continue carrying the google company further. Also the structure that they use is accurate. Furthermore, the software structure that they use differs from the agile development. As they use different methods to complete and tackle problems, and use different methods on creating software programs.
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