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Exploring Careers

Mrs. Goad's Classroom 2012

Jaime Goad

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Exploring Careers

Mrs. Goad's Classroom Exploring Careers I. Gain knowledge of interests, abilities, and careers Questions? II. Real world application of skills correlation between interests, skills, & abilities to careers

correlation between careers and lifestyle

importance of work ethic in careers Key points to get across to students Kagan Groups - write, discuss Key questions to ask students Make folders with plenty of contracts
Add each student's name to a contract
Conduct an initial "meeting" with workers Procedures for Work Study Class Goals & Objectives www.careercruising.com Pick 6 careers to summarize designed to guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career achievement plan use interest inventory software or other tools to explore areas of personal interest. use this information to explore educational requirements for a variety of chosen career paths Reinforce ELAR TEKS (organizational pattern & graphic organizers) by providing a tree map for students to collect information for summaries before writing Choose 1 top career and type a 3 paragraph essay in Word
Paragraph #1: Describe the career and what career cluster it’s in,
Paragraph #2 Explain why you chose it,
Paragraph#3 Tell what steps/education is needed to obtain the career.

Write a 3 paragraph essay on top career choice Create a career collage MECA Work Study Collage – students will use Word or PowerPoint to copy and paste career-related pictures into a collage that represents their career of choice. Matchmaker, My Skills & Learning Styles Inventory III. College & Career Achievement Plan CCRP Career Cruising Portfolio I. Gain knowledge of interests, abilities, and careers Ipad assignment Use Kagan - stand up, hand up, pair up to brainstorm ideas www.careercruising.com By: Gabriel Loera
6th Period My Bucket List Win all the time in Las Vegas Own a Mansion Make my own flavor of Ice Cream Go Sky Diving Own a Bugatti Draw for a Comic Book Be in a movie Play in an NBA Game Drive a Ducati Meet Troy Polamalu become important.
be part of something big.
create my greatest and longest book ever and so that people like it.
spend my last Christmas with family and friends. writer be able to write over 20 books of my own
have something named after me (like a city or new building)
have a puppy and be trained Cute!!! win the lottery
experience something fun (like the greatest rollercoaster)
find out a new culture Good luck Around the world Be able to experience and travel the world with my family. By: Lesley Anne Cabral My bucket list All over the world What is your bucket list? Freedom !!!  Feel Free !! meet someone really famous.
be kissed with the ones I love.
be sung by a creative person.
help the world by giving food and clothes.
carry a born baby.  taste the greatest cookie ever made.
see many people laughing at once.
smell a beautiful flower from a beautiful spot.
taste the greatest water from a river.
breathe from a tall beautiful mountain. Cool cookie By: Lesley Anne Cabral
Mrs. Goad
6th period
9 / 6 / 12 This Was My Bucket List Career Collage Bucket List www.wordle.com II. Real world application of skills MECA Work Study III. College & Career Achievement Plan CCRP Career Cruising Portfolio Research Schools, talk about costs & preferences, give examples Make informative posters of college of choice; groups if same college Save 6 schools of interest to portfolio Incorporate into College Week Puts the planning in their hands & into ACTION! Real World Connection Emily Escalante Dentist Bucket List Assignment Managers - verify grades, manage inventory Think for themselves, enforce rules, delegate tasks, organize, manage/record supplies, email me reminders First to move to work study Nurse, Library, Front Office, Curriculum Coach, Security Officer Keep in close communication with Supervisors meet in person 1st (set guidelines, explain rotations, ask supervisors for willingness to train students) Email, telephone, checkups {COMMUNICATION IS KEY - improves program, provides immediate feedback} provide rubric @ end (send in manilla folder with student to be returned confidentially back to you later) Receive grade for Manager position Cosmetology 1st - (practice on each other) manicures, hair curl & straighten, makeup techniques 2nd - arrange for clients permission slips - write & distribute Office Technology students schedule appointments Provide own supplies
keep in designated areas per period
maintain professionalism, neatness, and urgency w/ clients Set up Nail Painting Booth @ Fall Festival $1 Cooking Students search web for recipe ideas
Students plan and bring ingredients needed
Hold each other accountable / grade
If not prepared, group begins creating a recipe book using Powerpoint or they research food/nutrition topics & summarize All students write an essay on SAFETY in the MECA class Favorite Recipes Cinnamon apples
Soda Pop cake
Stained Glass Windows
Eggs n weenie Video Production Students write script Topics could include Anti-Bullying, MECA safety, or documentary Complete Storyboard (can use Prezi) or storyboard template Include camera shots Gather actors & rehearse Assign a director and editor Graphic Design May extend into another MECA box (take participation grades/peer & self evaluate Create a calendar in Publisher Create a business card incorporate interests BUCKET LIST INTRO Discuss leisure activity & connect career choice Use Black Bulletin Paper & colored chalk to display class lists
Let students write them Students list 10 in ISN
Create Powerpoint; include photos Teach students how to email to you! Have a Powerpoint expert show picture import Maintain strict rules & consequences
Discuss importance of attendance, work ethic, & positive attitude
Give positive reinforcement & encouragement Conduct additional "meetings" as needed to correct behaviors, get feedback from students, motivate & inspire Include daily record of work in folder Rubric Certificate of Achievement www.wordle.com Use EXCEL spreadsheet with list of MECA boxes
Fill in student names as they choose box Email Excel spreadsheet with student names & work times Thank You!
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