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Recruitment Training

No description

Cindy Leung

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Recruitment Training

Chinese people like us (or ethnic minorities) are underrepresented in the...
Canadian donor registry with 6.5%
International donor registry with 4%
While Caucasians make up about 75% and 85% respectively.

Men like you give the best patient outcomes because they can provide more stem cells than women, but men are underrepresented in the Canadian donor registry.
Recruitment Strategies
Stay positive.
Having a good attitude is #1. It will make the recruitment experience much more enjoyable for you.
Your Opening Lines
Helpful words include:
Important Details
Still not convinced?
The reason why we're doing this is because...
If Yes?
Bring the people to the pre-screening table.
If No?
Well, there are still things you can do...
Body Language
Thank you so much for taking the time to learn how to be a better recruiter.

Without volunteers like you, OtherHalf would not be the organization it is today.
Recruitment is like networking on steroids.

You only have 5 seconds to make an impression. So how do you make it count?

1. Be confident -- stay informed + practice
2. Stand firm. Show that you are worth listening to.
3. Eye contact
And what if they walk away?
Walk with them.
But I'm 4 feet tall. People won't notice me.
They will. Confidence is hard to ignore.
(Psssp: Speak louder.)
Wait, wait, wait. This is definitely out of my comfort zone.
(and at least give them a flyer/pamphlet)
It's scary to talk to strangers.
I don't like talking to groups of people at a time.
What if I screw up?
We hear you.
But listen:
Do it for the patients.
People will respect you if you show them it's a good cause.
They won't remember who you are
You've got nothing to lose.
What would they think of me?
(they're counting on you!)
Everyone makes mistakes.
You can only get better with practice.
What's the worst that can happen? Getting 0 recruits.
Still not convinced?
Got it? Great.
...but isn't that what you started with?
Ready or not, you're now going to learn how to recruit!
One holds the sign
The other approaches
Sorry for interrupting but _____ only has 2 weeks to find a donor...

Hi, my name is _____. <shake hands> and you are...?

Did you know that Chinese people/ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the donor registry? That is why we need your support...

It only takes 5 minutes to save a life. All you have to do today is swab your cheeks. It's fast and easy...
Practice and find a style that works best for you.
Everyone's different.
So God forbid, if any of us or our loved ones got leukemia and we needed a match, our chances for survival would be slim because it's so hard for us to find donors.
Make it to the person you want to convince
(Pre-screeners will clarify donation procedures + screen for age (17-35) + ensure OHIP coverage and country of residence before the person can sit down at the registration table)
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about recruitment strategies.

Recruitment is an essential part of the donor registration process. This is how we educate and persuade the public to get involved as potential donors or supporters of our stem cell initiative.

as a recruiter is to to register as a potential stem cell donor. As OtherHalf representatives, please remember to stay informed, be confident, and be polite. For more information, please visit ChineseStemCell.ca and onematch.ca.

This presentation will help you become an amazing recruiter by giving you tools and tips for your first big day.
Your objective convince people to swab their cheeks
As a recruiter, you should also explain why we are asking people to swab their cheeks.
After we swab your cheeks, your skin cells will be sent back to the lab and analyzed. If your genetic markers match up with a patient, then you will be called for further testing.

If you are found to be a perfect match, which is like winning the lottery, you will have the chance to donate your stem cells, which is like donating blood because stem cells are simply immature blood cells.
Note: Being called is as rare as winning the lottery because it is hard for two unrelated people to matched.
Details for the donation process will be covered in pre-screening.
(Refer interested people to the pre-screening table before allowing them to sit down and register.)
Give a flyer/pamphlet + time to reconsider

"Like" our Facebook page
Every like gives us $1 from our sponsor

Spread the word (to males 17-35)

"You can still donate blood"
Patients undergoing stem cell transplants require 8 units of blood per week
Rejection is common.
...and sometimes people might even be rude.
But just remember to persist, stay positive, and
always, ALWAYS
thank them
(You can even tell them to have a nice day)

When people respond to signs
People who aren't in a hurry

Flyer of patient's face
Quality > quantity
*quality = committed males 17-35
Make opportunities
Bring materials
Buddy up
Practice with friends and family
They can give you honest feedback
(but females can also register)
Please remember:
We hope you'll enjoy your time as a recruiter!
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