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Art Project Idea

No description

Steffan Mold

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Art Project Idea

3D Layered Paper Idea
3D Layered Paper Project
To create a layered paper project you need to:
1. Find a relatively simple cartoon picture
2. Recreate it by cutting out the shapes you see from colored paper.
3. Put pieces of cardboard between the pieces of paper to produce a 3-D effect
4. Glue or tape them onto paper

How to Begin
Find a picture you like and cut out the shapes you see. Cutting out a slightly bigger piece of black paper of the same shape and putting it behind it helps it stand out more.
It can be as simple......(not as simple as this, needs color)
A Little Bit Trickier
In this example you can see individual layers between the tree, the owls, and the owls eyes. This is a great example of layered paper art.
Don't be intimidated by the detail in the tree, that's a special kind of paper...
*hint hint
Or as complicated......
What this project does is that it teaches you how to work with paper, and understand shapes and colors. To make this project a success, you need to have a strong idea of composition an what it is going to take to make it look good. The project will also help you understand more about 3-D, and how it is about image manipulation from the point of view of the person looking at the picture.
as any of these.
In Conclusion
It is about what the viewer sees, not what you the creator sees.
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