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Biocon: Launching a new cancer drug in India

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Anurag Kumar

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Biocon: Launching a new cancer drug in India

Biocon: Launching a new cancer drug in India
Pros and Cons for Different Strategies
Delaying the launch of BIOMAb to wait for 3rd phase results
Launching of generics to develop Sales capabilities before the launch of BIOMAb
Achieving excellent coverage with support of CFA
Leverage capability of overnight delivery to oncologists
Build a fully dedicated sales force
Direct delivery to doctors to reduce the channel margin from 25.6% to 1.5 %
Case Analysis
After launch, keep prices low enough to compensate for the loss of first mover advantage
Sell BIOMAb for $3000 to gain advantage over competitor and also have sufficient profit margin
Breakeven Period- 2.44 years
Targeting the leading cancer specialists
Building the confidence of patients and their families along with the doctors through proper communication
Training of sales representatives for better conviction skills to establish the true value of the product
Break Even Analysis
Group 4
First Indian manufacturer and exporter of ENZYMES to U.S and European market
Expertise in FERMENTATION processes
First Indian company to be approved by U.S. FDA
Started manufacturing generic pharma molecules-statins and later to larger ones- insulin
Situation Analysis
BIOCON shifted to proprietary drug i.e. BIOMAb(cancer drug)
Challenges in front of BIOCON for launching BIOMAb-
1. Approval
2. New technology
3. Launching decision
4. Financial requirements
5. Marketing and selling
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