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PY2 Milgram-Alternative Evidence

Sheridan and Kind, Burger, Hoffling et al and Zimbardo!

Sarah Bowkley

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of PY2 Milgram-Alternative Evidence

Alternative Evidence PY2-Milgram RESULTS AIM Method Zimbardo HOFling et al. (1966) Hofling et al. 21 out of 22 nurses were willing to obey orders from an UNKNOWN 'Dr Smith'!
Asked to administer an excessive dosage of an unknown drug, Astroren. This high level of obedience seems to support Milgram’s findings.
However, the situation was very different.
The nurses did not believe they were going to harm the patient by obeying.
Some didn't notice the label & others made the judgement that the doctor simply knew better than they did. Hofling’s research may also be more valid than Milgram’s
Hofling did his research in a ‘real-life’ setting on nurses who did not know that they were taking part in research.
Milgram’s participants all knew they were taking part in a study. To see the effect of hiding the identity of participants on the size of the electric shock they are willing to give someone. Female university students are put into two groups when plying the role of the teacher.
One group wears lab coats with hoods to hide their faces . The second group wore their own clothes and had name tags. Shocks given by the first group where twice as great
as the shocks given by the second group.
Zimbardo CONCLUDED That if your identity is hidden you're much more likely to give more shocks. Steven Rank & Cardell Jacobson (1977) Queried the facts that the nurses had no knowledge of the drug involved and that they had no opportunity to seek advice from anyone of equal or higher status.
They replicated Hofling’s experiment but the instruction was to administer Valium at 3 times the recommended level, the telephoned instruction came from a real, known doctor on the hospital staff and the nurses were able to consult with other nurses before proceeding.
Under these conditions, only 2 out of 18 nurses prepared the medication as requested.
Rank & Jacobsen concluded: “nurses aware of the toxic effects of a drug and allowed to interact naturally – will not administer a medication overdose merely because a physician orders it." Hi Barbra, give Mr Jones lots of Valium STAT! Three times the regular amount! You've GOT to be kidding me! NO!
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