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Booked By Kwame Alexander Prezi by Will Kuker

No description

Jenny Jones

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Booked By Kwame Alexander Prezi by Will Kuker

The setting of my book is in modern times, school, and Nick Hall's house.
Point of view
The p.o.v. in my book is 2nd person, I know this because in the book it says, "You must be daydreaming again."
In this book a boy named Nick and a boy named Coby are best friends. They often find themselves tied up with the bullies Dean and Don. Along the way their soccer teams get invited to play in the Dallas Cup for a big tournament. Unforchantly, Nick has an apendicites, and a twisted ankle so he cant play. Also, he has been trying to read alot of books to impress a girl that he likes, and his family is falling apart. What will happen to Nick? Read to find out.
Figurative Language
"lightning fast"- hyperbole,you cant be lightning fast. p. 1
The genre of my book is realistic. I know this because in the book kids play soccer and play computer games.
Protagonist- Nick Hall. He plays soccer and has a crush on a girl named April.
Antagonists- Dean and Don. They are twins that are very mean to Nick.
Booked By Kwame Alexander Prezi by Will Kuker
I liked this book a lot. I give it 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who is 12 and up because it uses some bad language.
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