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The Maze Runner

No description

Kendra Leverette

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
, there are a few themes that revolve around the story. The first theme is to never give up. "Most people would have given up by now. But I think we're different." (305) To most of the boys, giving up was not an option. They accepted the fact that it was a big challenge and went on with the flow. Another theme is to always believe and trust in yourself. "Don't give up, Chuck. We're gonna solve this thing, get out of here. I'm a runner now- I promise on my life ill get you back to that room of yours." (195) Thomas showed loads of confidence from the moment that he arrived at the Glade. He knew for a fact that there was a way out and he was going to solve the maze one way or another. The final theme is that friendship and teamwork can overcome many obstacles. "We'll fight em off if we have to. Make a path to the cliff for you and Teresa. Get in the hole and do your thing." The Gladers were depending on each other to work together and find a way out. Without teamwork, they would have never made it through the maze. Ultimately, The themes of
The Maze Runner
revolve around the story.
Significance of the Title
The title represents the book in many ways. The title has two very important words; they are Maze, and Runner. In one section if the book Newt states “Everything we do - our whole life, Greenie revolves around the maze. (38)” This shows that the maze was an essential part of their life. This also shows that the maze was all they knew to try to save themselves. The book is also all about Thomas wanting, and becoming a runner. “‘Runners,’ Thomas said, wishing he knew where this was coming from. ‘Whatever they're doing out there, I want in.’ (34)” From the start of the book Thomas knew he wanted to be a runner. Eventually throughout the book Thomas proved to be a hero, and master what the Gladers thought was impossible, and he also became a runner. Ultimately the entire book has a connection to the title,
The Maze Runner.

The main setting of The Maze Runner takes place in the glade and in the maze. In the glade is where Thomas and the other gladers lived. “They stood in a vast courtyard several times the size of a football field, surrounded by four enormous walls made of grey stone and covered in spots with thick ivy.” These are the walls of the maze. On the other hand the maze is nothing like the glade. Where the glade is filled with people, the maze is filled with creatures called grievers. “Thomas stared at the monstrous thing making its way down the long corridor of the maze.” The maze is where the runners would go during the day and try to find a way out, not knowing there was never a solution to solving the maze.
Protagonist and Antagonist
There are many different protagonists and antagonists in the maze runner; but only two protagonist and antagonist are the best in the story. One of the best antagonists is the Griever.” The Griever’s spikes tore into the stone, throwing shredded ivy and rock chips in every direction. Its arms shifted about like the legs of the beetle blade, some with sharp pick that drove into the stone of the wall for support. A bright light on the end of one arm pointed directly at Thomas, only this time it didn’t move.”(130). This quote proves that one of the best antagonists is the griever not only are they scary looking there deadly if your left alone with one.
The best antagonist of the story is the maze. Not only does the maze keep the boys from going home the maze looks different every day. ““Out there’s the Maze,” Newt whispered, eyes wide as if in trance. “Everything we do –our whole life, greenie revolves around the Maze. Every lovin’ second every lovin’ day we spend in honor of the Maze, tryin’ to solve somethin’ that’s not shown us it’s bloody solution, ya know?” (38). This quote the maze is the best antagonist in the story because the gladers spend every day trying to solve the maze and get home but every day they come home without finding the way out the get more discouraged.

Thomas and Teresa are the two best protagonist in the story. Thomas enters the glade feeling like he has been there before and realizes he wants to be a runner.”” Runners,” Thomas said, wishing he knew were this was coming from. “Whatever they’re doing out there, I want in.”(34). This quote proves that Thomas is a protagonist in this story not only does he feel he has been to the glade before he knows he needs to be a runner to help get everyone home.
Teresa is a protagonist in the maze runner for one reason if not for her the gladers wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of the maze.” But he heard it all the same, and remembered every word: Tom, I just triggered the Ending.”(217) this quote proves without Teresa the gladers would have never gotten out of the maze.
Ultimately the protagonist and antagonist I have chosen are the best because without them the gladers would have either been stuck inside the glad for eternity or they would have solved the maze on their first try.

Takendra: “It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.” This is my favorite quote because it brought me to surprise and I was not expecting for Thomas to be the cause of it.

Jasmine Fox’s favorite quote- ‘The mission of WICKED is to serve and preserve humanity, no matter the cost. We are indeed, “good.”’ This is my favorite Quote because in the book Teresa only could remember a few things, and one was “WICKED is good.” When the Chancelor states that at the end it confused me and I wondered what was true, the “Rescuers”, or “WICKED”.

Jervae- “Thomas frowned. He didn’t want to make Newt any more upset than he already was, but he needed answers.” I like this quote because Thomas respects the fact that Newt is upset and don’t want to make it worst, but all he wants is to just get to the bottom of it and just get the answers to the questions that he had.
Exposition: Thomas becomes trapped in the Glade where no one has yet to find way out.
Rising Action: 1. The first girl ever arrives at the Glade two days after Thomas.
Climax: Teresa tells Thomas that the maze is a code. The sun disappears, the supplies did not get delivered, and the wall did not close.
Falling Action: The Gladers work together to fight though the griever hole.
Resolution: Half of the Gladers beat the maze and got rescued.
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