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High School Dropouts

The Secrets for why students dropping out of high school.

Terrell Johnson

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of High School Dropouts

High School Dropouts Research By: Terrell Johnson Essential Question:
What are the primary reasons for why students dropping out of high school? Overview:

Explain the student dropout rates
Discovering why student dropout of high school.
High school dropout video
Five promises of success
Open for comments/ Questions Why are students dropping out of high school? According to boostup.org each student that dropout
of high school have their own personal reasons for
why they dropped out of high school. Drop out rates Quick Notes According to the school district of philadelphia the high school dropout in Philadelphia was 30 percent over all in the philadelphia area in the year of 2010. Are You Wondering?

What exactly are the High School dropout rates? Nobody can really say so but the people who actually dropout because people have their own mindset on things Some say the reason students dropout is because many of them perceive school as being stressful and aggravating while others just do not see the logic in going to school and completing it. Post- secondary education is any school education after high school according to google definitions Five promises toward success-
Caring Adults- being able to respond to student needs to excel in school.
Safe places- a healthy environment to keep the student mind focus on their school work.
Healthy Start- get the student involve in the work they present to influence them positively.
Effective Education- show the student the benifits of finishing high school by comparing lessons to life itself.
Opportunities to help others- let student that are passing help those who are struggling with school to improve graduation rates and decrease high school dropout rates. % % % % What We learned Students were not pushed (motivated) some students did not see the point. Priorites Future considerations/
Conclusion Student should asked themselves before making
their choice in whether staying in high school worth it
or dropping out of high school is going to benefit you
when it comes to getting your own house and having a job. Comments And Questions? d
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