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A Scottish Cinderella Story

No description

Kristen Olson

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of A Scottish Cinderella Story

Author Unknown Critheanach is the Cinederella type character. She is forced to do her triplet's bidding,whether it is to clean the kitchen or cook the meals. She is beautiful and reliable. Critheanach's triplets who torture her by making her do all the chores instead of going to the fairs. Donn and Gael are jealous, liars, and terrible people; even sinking to the point of murder. Even though they are beautiful like Critheanach on the outside they are evil and ugly on the inside. Donn and Gael Baobh- Fairy godmother type character. Baobh comes to Critheanach feeeling sorry for her. She allows her to do to the ball without chores and worrying about a dress although she gives conditions like no speaking to young men Baobh, Lord of Catdibh, and, Lord Duncan Setting- A Scottish Cinderella Story takes place in a castle in ancient Scotland, once upon a time. Setting and Problem In the end Gael is sent to sea with enough food for1 day and no oars. Also, Prince Duncan saves Critheanach from the whale and they lived happily ever after ruling the Prince's kingdom of Loch Abar for generations Ending Characters- Critheanach Kristen Olson Prince Duncan- A shallow handsome prince who marries Critheanach without saying a word to her. A Scottish Cinderella Story Lord of Catdibh- The father of the triplets who does not see the mistreatment of Critheanach, but showers Gael and Donn with gifts. Problem- The problem of the story is that Critheanach is mistreated and in danger of her jealous, evil sisters. Begining In the begining of the story Geal, Donn
and Critheanach were born (triplets)
right after their mother died they lived
with their dad, Lord of Catibh. Gael and
Donn made Critheanach do the hardest
of chores and would not allow her to go
to any of the Saturday fairs. One day
Baobh, a fairy woman allowed her to
go to the fair for 1 hr as long as she did
not speak to any young men. On her 3rd
Saturday Prince Duncan took her shoe
because Critheanach would not tell him
who she was. Middle In the middle of the story Critheanach tries on the shoe
Prince Duncan had and it fit perfectly. Critheanach and
Prince Duncan got married and then went on a trip to a
hunting lodge. Gael and Donn say they want to come
to pose as nice when they really want to get revenge
on Critheanach because of jealousy. Mistaking Donn for
Critheanach Gael pushed Donn off a cliff to her death
and realizing got the wrong sister she pushes Crithea-
nach off the same cliff later on. Critheanach does not
die the because the fairy woman Baobh helps her land
on a soft whales tounge. Thinking Critheanach is dead
Gael puts on Critheanachs clothes and pretends to be
Critheanach so she can be the wife of a Prince.
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