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Vampire Diaries

No description

Joel willoughby

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural Drama developed by Kevin Williamson. It is an adaptation of a book series written by L.J Smith. The series premiered on the CW Television Network on September 10th 2009. The series takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a fictional small town haunted for centuries by supernatural beings. The main focus of the program is the love triangle that develops between the main protagonist, Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. The first episode, Pilot, shows the return of the Salvatore brothers to Mystic falls, Stefan meets Elena and soon she realizes that Stefan is hiding something from her. The Vampire Diaries: Genre The Vampire Diaries is a hybrid genre. It has elements
of horror, as it is all about supernatural beings, vampires, werewolves, hybrids and witches. There is also blood & gore. There is a red ribbon on the title, which connotes danger, blood and also love. Another element in the series is the romance. The first series is primarily about Elena and Stefan getting to know each other and ultimately they fall in love. Damon, Stefan's brother, also begins to bond with Elena which leads to him having feelings for her too. The final genre which is in the series is drama as not only is the series about vampires, Elena and the Salvatore brothers, it also goes in depth about the relationships the characters have with their friends and family. For example, the audience get to know a lot about Elena when she is first introduced, we find out that she lost her parents in a car crash and she feels like it was her fault, there is also tension with her brother Jeremy, this is effective as it lets the audience empathize with the characters and also get to know them more personally. Below is the trailer for the first series to illustrate why it is a hybrid genre. Themes There are several different themes in The Vampire Diaries which drives the story along, the main theme is Orpheus, the loss of something special, this is demonstrated throughout the show as she has experienced loosing her parents, this ties into another theme, coming of age which has meant she had to grow up and become more responsible. Orpheus continues to play a pivotal role as the theme plays a main part throughout the series and also in future seasons. Iconography There is lots of different iconography used in the vampire diaries, as a horror genre, we expect to see blood, so this is frequently shown in the TV program. Other things such as lonely dark roads are often seen in horror programs. Anything paranormal featured in the program is also iconography, such as ghosts and visions. Religious references such as stakes and holy water is seen in the program. As the program is also set in a high school the audience can see school lockers and things like basketball courts. Setting The setting is typical to that of a hybrid genre which
includes romance, horror & drama. For example, in sequences where it is horror based, the characters are
usually placed in a dark, isolated environment, there is a
scene at the beginning of the pilot where two characters
are driving down a dark road all alone, they then go on
to get attacked. Another typical setting for the romance aspect is that usually when two characters who are in a relationship are together, its commonly shot in a bedroom or if outside, with high-key lighting. Typical Situations Typical situations that you would find in a the horror genre would be usually a death or a murder. As the program is about vampire diaries there is a lot of death, and if there was a death you'd expect to see involvement from the police. When there has been a death in the program the local law enforcement gets involved and you tend to hear people around the college talking about it.

As there is a focus on the romance between the two main protaganists
you would expect to see love making and displays of affection and also emotional support. This is shown in the program as Stefan is very protective over Elena and they sometimes get intimate. Narrative: Single Strand/Multi Strand The Vampire Diaries is multi-strand because as its a television series which isn't about just one person, as an audience you watch all the characters stories so you know more about each character. For example, in the pilot you first get introduced to Elena, then you get the background of Stefan which is a different story completely. Narrative: Linear/Non Linear The Vampire Diaries is mostly linear, as you most of the time the episodes go in order, beginning, middle & end, usually in the same time period. However, in some special episodes the time period is set in a certain era so sometimes its non linear depending on the episode. 7 Story Types Achilles: Stefan/Damon
Cinderella: Elena
Romeo & Juliet: Elena & Stefan
Orpheus: Elena looses her parents
Faust: There is often betrayal in the series
Tristan: Elena, Stefan & Damon
Circe: A good example of a chase, is when the vampire hunter Connor, is chasing all the vampires in town because he think that will ensure a safer town, with the goal of making the town safer for the human population. All of the 7 story types play a part in the story of The Vampire Diaries. As its a television series, it needs to continuously bring more characters and obstacles into the program. Codes There are three different types of codes in often seen in the vampire diaries. Action codes, enigma codes & cultural codes. An action code is when something happens which makes the characters take action. An enigma code is when you see or hear something, as an audience, which makes you ask yourself "Whats going on?" or "What is it" and a cultural code is something that you see & understand due to your cultural knowledge of it. This clip illustrates all three. Thank you for listening!
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