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Kinahmi Games

Launch Pad presentation on Jyväskylä University (01.04.2014)

Juha Möttönen

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Kinahmi Games

Contacts and alliances

Juha Möttönen (Chairman)
- Experienced in the game industry
Advisory Board
Kinahmi Games
The year 2014
Kinahmi Games
From players to players
A Scalable product
Low R&D Costs
Competetive product
The demand
Strategic Issues
Matti Ahonen (Member)
-Experienced in the game industry
Heikki Hirvonen (Member)
- Highly experienced game developer
- CEO of Tigerhat games
Roope Pietilä
-Experience on Start-ups
-Former CEO of Client's Finland
75 million active users
7 million logged in
20 million active users
Other stores
Time To Act (removed?)
Between hardcore and casual players
Looking for entertainment & challenges
Ages from 16 to 40
Players on multiple platforms
Strategy game fans
Demand for improvement
A demand on the market
Waiting can frustrate
Overall expe
Matti Ahonen
Jussi Jaatinen
Sasu Louke
Juha Möttönen
Nina Vitikainen

Galactic Conquerors
Strategy game with science fiction theme
Combining the best aspects of different sub-genres
Various playmodes
User-created content
Core-Casual players
Product market position
PC Distribution 2014
Mobile Distribution 2015
Source:The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service
Strategy games
Strong and growing
Big role among PC-games from the beginning
Segment is bigger on mobile
Strategy game sub-genres need improvement
Big publishers:
casual games
or eSports
Players searching for:
fresh game styles
on different platforms
Our opportunity

friday coaching session notes:
go straight to point
not a sisällysluettelo, more like a confident intro that "we think we have this product to offer which has demand, now listen to us about the details"
Time to act slide:
whats the point? (maybe include this in other slides)
Market review slide:
Better TITLE that defines the point
less referenced games,
some well known examples of casual/HC games (hayday etc./starre2)
Move GC to middle (target group core-casual)
Customers slide:
title? maybe type: Core casual players
simply just explain what is hc and casual markets and where do WE stand in
Tell more about possibilities in creating strong community and user created content
by words explain multiplatform, playmodes
Super genres slide:
Korosta, että strategiappelit ovat olleet vahva osa pc-pelaamista jo alusta asti
strong and growing, varteenotettava, suosittu genre, jolla on paljon faneja
How do we Define(); this simply, but understandable way; ???
Global games market slide:
More numbers ($&€) because %'s are bad and make you mad
Strategic issues slide:
dont use words like "survive" or death valley->sounds too negative, say rehellisesti just that we need financing
maybe 50k to make the game happen, marketing, toimitilat etc.
other 50k to port on tablets and scale the product to the bigger market segment
pc distribution slide
maybe add year/month on the side of stores: STEAM 11/14, DESURA 9/14... ?
the year 2014
title simply just: financials 2014.
'our chance' is desperate and unneccessary.
not a scalable market, scalable product
smaller text on list
prezi logo is overlapping the text
all other stuff that came to minddah

presentation: relax more when presenting, be confident
$10 Bn
$5 Bn
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