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Mao Zedong and Animal Farm

No description

brandon bates

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Mao Zedong and Animal Farm

Mao Zedong and Animal Farm Similarities Character Similarities Event Similarites "Great Leap Forward & The Windmill "The Peoples Daily" v. Squealer Chinese Cultural Revolution & The Animal Rebellion Red Army & All animals
on the farm Foxwood & Pinchfield
U.S. & Soviets Chinese Communist Party
& The Pigs Peasants & Sheep Mao & Napolean Emperor Ming & Jones Chiang Kai-Shek & Snowball Leader Similarities Mao Zedong took control of China during the chinese cultural revolution, just asNapolean took control of Animal Farm after the animal rebellion.
Chiang Kai-Shek helped take over China but was later killed bu Mao Zedong's men Just like what had happened to Snowball. Emperor Ming was the ruler of China who was executed when China was taken over.

Jones was the owner of Manor Farm until he was chased off by the animals. The peasants in China followed Mao because they had no knowledge not to.

The sheep follow Napolean because they were too ignorant to understand their surroundings as well. Foxwood represents the United States because Mao had made relations with President Nixon just as Napolean had made relations with the Foxwood farm.

Pinchfield represents The Soviets because Mao had despised Stalin like Napolean had disliked Pinchfield. The Chinese Communist Party represents the pigs because the "CCP" helped run the country like how the pigs helped run the farm. The Red Army had Mao Zedong's back in war. The Red Army faught against other countries who tried to overpower Mao just as the Animals faught for the Farm. "The People's Daily" was a Chinese Newspaper that influenced citizens to believe that Mao Zedong was the greatest thing to happen to them.

Squealer's job was to convince the other animals that they are better off now that Napolean has taken charge. The Chinese Cultural Revolution was when Mao Zedong ordered the Red Army to take control of China

The Animal rebellion occurred when the animals chased off Jones and took the farm as their own. The Great Leap Forward was Mao Zedong's idea to make china a more agricultural country. His plan however failed several times when the country nearly went bankrupt.

The Windmill was an idea to make the farm more efficient but it too failed several times. Mao became currupt and nearly bankrupt the entire country. Napolean became currupt as he began to act more and more like a human. Red Guard & Dogs The Red Gaurd's job was to protect Mao Zedong and eliminate those who question him.

The job of the Dogs is to Protect Napolean and to kill those who oppose him as well.
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