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Social Media Marketing

No description

AJ Espinosa

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Microsoft Sway
Social Media Marketing
AJ Espinosa & Daniel Giancola
Users can view, upload and share videos worldwide
One of the most widely used media outlets in the world
Acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6 billion
Many companies have their own YouTube "channel" which can be subscribed to by others
Each "Tweet" must be 140 characters in length or less
Follow users to receive an aggregated feed of Tweets
Tweets can gain attention from different audiences by tweeting at someone (@) or by using a hashtag (#) that can tag a trending topic
Tweets can not be edited, only deleted (user credibility)
Ideal for real time info, making it perfect for breaking news about stocks. Stocks can be tagged by using ($) before the ticker
Cowen Research listed on WSJ's
"50 Financial Twitter Feeds You Must Follow"
in 2014
Described as "One of the few firms that publishes views on individual stocks from its analysts on Twitter."
Snapchat was created by CEO/founder Evan Spiegel and his fraternity brothers at Stanford University
Features include
1-10 second self-deleting pictures or Snaps, to friends.
My Story - allows users to post different pictures or video clips to their story which only their snap friends can see. These snaps self delete after 24 hours.
The Snapstory - real time videos compiled by different Snapchat users in major cities and at major events.
Geofilters, allow users to swipe on their screen and add a design to the picture describing their current location.
Current Geofilters include: Manhattan, Midtown East, Chelsea, Meatpacking District, East Village, Long Island and the Hamptons.
Becoming one of the most popular social media platforms for adults 18-25

Users can post photos and short videos to their feed
Follow friends, family members, businesses and celebrities
Similar to Facebook, there are "like" and "comment" features
Acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock
Many businesses advertise using Instagram. Ex: Restaurants post pictures of their food to their accounts
Microblogging platform which allows users to post multimedia content
Follow other blogs or go private
Features accessed from "dashboard" interface, where one can post content and view other users' posts
Hosts over 238.8 million blogs
Acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 Billion in June 2013
Firms in the financial industry do not maintain a company presence on Tumblr
Finance Contributors Tumblr
"Finance Contributors brings commentary and analysis from some of the smartest names in finance to Tumblr."
Includes expert contributors in a blog style format from Jeremy Hill (former COO of SocGen's Global Research and Strategy) and The Deal
6 second long looping clips disseminated to both mobile and desktop users
Acquired by Twitter in 2012 for a reported $30 million prior to launch
Vine videos can be seen through its mobile app, online, or shared through Facebook or Twitter
Used by many Fortune 500 companies
@CowenResearch: 2847 tweets,
@DeutscheBank - 5370 tweets, 255k followers
Cowen & Co. - 53 tweets, 231 followers
Cowen Group's LinkedIn - 519 followers
The "Discover" tab works as a mobile media outlet for several different channels.

Each channel is updated with picture, video, and text content daily. This content is viewable to all Snapchat users.
AirBNB advertising their properties in Bermuda
Ben & Jerry's and Morgan Stanley
Interview with Jeff Solomon by Onewire
Goldman Sachs YouTube Channel: Macroeconomic insights - Millennials: Changing Consumer Behavior
Ford YouTube Channel: Ford Fusion
Uber YouTube Channel
General Electric - 477,000+ views
Spotify - 10,000+ views
McDonalds - 50,000+ views
A knowledge sharing social media platform and online community that allows people to learn from each other
Crowd-sourced collection of information including blogs, books, music, videos and podcasts that can be turned into lessons
Users can collaborate with each other, share ideas, ask questions and contribute content
"Pinterest of education"
A simple blog publishing website created by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone in August 2012
Created to allow Twitter users to make longer posts than 140 characters
Posts can include a collection of pictures and videos
Similar to Tweeting: when a post is made it can be recommended, shared and saved
Mobile photo and video sharing website that allows users to view content in real time
Slogan: "See the world through other people's eyes"
Main revenue stream: On-site advertising
22 million users as of 2015

Slide based hosting service where users can upload files privately or publicly in PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument formats
"The YouTube of slideshows"
Supports various slide presentations, PDFs, videos, webinars and more
Feedback can be given on slides and documents
Users can rate, comment on and share uploaded content
16 million registered users as of 2014
Acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012 for $119 million
Content can be integrated with LinkedIn profiles
Social networking and news website where users can submit text or links, similar to that of an online message board
Users can "upvote" or "downvote" posts to determine the order of them on a particular "subreddit" or tiered forum
An algorithm based on time decay and upvotes/downvotes determines a post's position
Topics of subreddits vary and they range from news to movies to food
"Ask me anything" - User creates post for others to ask questions in; creator chooses which to answer
Made popular by celebrity use
Brings "Big Data" to life by combining large data sets and images to create an aesthetically pleasing and informative data presentation
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphic Fortune 500 examples: 7/11 and Adidas commercials
Digital footage and/or animation technology used to create the illusion of motion or rotation, usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.
Square uses Twitter as an advertisement outlet by listing a Square Reader give away to its followers
Walmart uses Twitter to communicate current deals and discounts to potential customers
Most popular and widely used social networking site
58% of adult population uses Facebook
A presentation web application that allows users to combine text, images, videos and other media content to create a presentable web page
Apart of Microsoft Office suite of products, inline integration
Adding embedding support for new platforms like Vine
Live streaming app for iOS and Android devices
Acquired by Twitter in March 2015 for $100 million
Users can broadcast publicly or to specified group through the Periscope app
Live stream can be integrated with Twitter
Streams subject to third parties viewers
Live streaming app for iOS and Android devices
Integration of live streaming with GoPro cameras
Up to 5000 people can watch a stream at a given time
Access to Twitter data graph restricted after Periscope acquisition
Streams subject to third party viewers
Social platform for professional networks
365M users in over 200 countries
Many companies use Linkedin as a recruitment vehicle for its multimedia capabilities
How can Cowen | ATM utilize YouTube?
Product suite - "How it works: Cowen Algorithmic Suite"
Market structure mini-series
Cowen & Co. - Upload videos onto YouTube channel from videos.cowen.com
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Linkedin?
Add ATM tab on Cowen Group/Cowen and Company LinkedIn Page and include product suite
Video and text update from ATM on Cowen & Co. page
How can Cowen utilize Facebook?
Cowen does not currently have a Facebook
A great platform to display Cowen's incredible company culture
Has a more "fun" vibe than other social media platforms
Ideal for targeting younger demographic
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Twitter?
Leverage existing audience from successful Cowen Research Twitter page
Cowen | ATM Twitter account can consistently tweet value-added content and market structure updates to target audience
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Meerkat or Periscope?
Cowen ATM recently hosted a market structure event where Cowen | ATM's partner, Themis Trading, live-streamed the event via Periscope to their colleagues.
Periscope streams can be integrated via Twitter, allowing the stream to gain viewers from all of Cowen's Twitter handles
Meerkat differs from Periscope minimally, however Meerkat recently announced they will be integrating their software into GoPro devices to allow live streaming. This could potentially be an interesting option for Cowen select conferences and corporate events
This technology helps to scale content
Cowen | ATM infographic possibility
Cantor Fitzgerald - 24k followers
Uber - 225k followers
Macy's 197k followers
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Pinterest?
Feature company culture by creating pins of pictures at ATM events
Pinboards that include proprietary infographics and typography for ATM's product suite
Educate with pins on market structure
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Vine?
Highlight company culture by taking videos from Cowen | ATM events
Feature a selection of new initiatives such as infographics and new product suite teasers
Showcase series on market structure that can be posted on other social media platforms
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Medium?
Integration with Cowen Research Twitter page for longer posts
Market structure research
White papers
Weekly or monthly newsletters on the ever-changing electronic market environment
How can Cowen | ATM utilize
emerging social media platforms?
Obtain public feedback on presentations, infographics and white papers
Educate on market structure and electronic trading
Discuss regulatory changes for dark pools, HFT, etc.
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Tumblr?
How can Cowen or ATM utilize Instagram?
How can Cowen | ATM utilize Snapchat?
theres already a slide for tumblr and atm
Similar to Morgan Stanley's example, Cowen can share its amazing company culture
Display products or post pictures from conferences and market structure events
Post extensive visual content including infographics and new styles of typography
Live posting of pictures and videos from market structure events
Show the progression of a project through the "story" feature
Create a profile on the "discover" tab to gain exposure for Cowen and ATM's product suite
Post infographics that can be easily shared
Create blog posts on market structure and ideas on ATM's product suite
Partner with "Finance Contributors" blog to bring electronic market commentary to a wider audience
Whole Foods and Uber on Tumblr
Free photo sharing website where users can save, upload, sort and manage images & videos, known as "pins", through collections called "pinboards"
Personalized media platform that allows users to browser content and save to their own pinboards
Fully customizable experience: users can personalize by creating their own content and interacting with others
"Buyable Pins" - Seamlessly buy a product inside a pin
Known to cater towards women; 80% of users are women and 50% of all users have children
28% of users have an annual household income of $100k
25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have accounts
BNP Paribas - Standout financial institution on Pinterest, with over 3000 pins and 1500 followers
BNP Paribas. (2015, July 22). Retrieved from https://pinterest.com/bnpparibas/

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Macy's. (2015, July 22). Retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/company/macy

Oracle. (2015, July 24). Retrieved from http://slideshare.net/oracle

Uber. (2015, July 23). Retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/company/uber.com

Cowen & Co.'s LinkedIn - 3,616 followers
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