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Sarah Taylor, Cobalt Blu

Sarah Taylor, Cobalt Blu.

sarah taylor

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Sarah Taylor, Cobalt Blu

What would it take for me to Act? Transparent Introduction to principles of Community Carbon:
Answer the question - what would we need to do to participate in a solution?
Donella Meadows - Ways to Change A System.
Practical, Effective, Transparent. (PET)
Practical - link it to the moment of recognition of environmental cost - at retail, at consumption, at activity level
Effective - visible, real time solutions - renewable energy infrastructure in local communities
Transparent - audit-able, accountable, engaging, agnostic.

The Virtuous Circle diagram - benefits exist for stakeholders at every part of the cycle.

We are Believers_ Optimists,
We believe in Talent, we believe in the power of creativity and the imagination to create solutions.
We are here to make a difference.

Connection to Sustainability in Organizations:
Our Organization: Cobalt Blu, Sustainability, Technology, Talent
Principles_ The Trust bank, Assume positive Intent, Work to create shared meaning, Appreciate difference. Create safety, Money follows Talent.
The Bell Curve - the sweet spot.
Throw Brains before Money, at the problem,
Adjacent sector applications
Peer Support. - emergence
Leaders Lead. - emergence
The value of Loose Ties_ The Constellation as an organizational metaphor. Metcalfe's Law.

Environment: Hierarchy to Matrix, some factors for discussion:
Why only culture can effectively mitigate risk
impact of lowarchy
reading/impact of tacit interactions
diversity - interconnectedness
requirement for leadership
impact of boundaryless organization
the interface is the product Practical Effective link it to the moment of recognition:consumption, retail, activity visible realtime solution auditable, engaging, agnostic Donatella Meadows ways to change a system The Virtuous Circle When asked if we have enough time to prevent catastrophe, she'd always say that we have exactly enough time -- starting now Believers in the power of creativity we are here to make a difference WHERE DOES IT WORK NOW? CASTLEMAINE ZOOS VICTORIA PUFFINGBILLY HENSELITE MILSYSTEMS LORD SOMERS LANE PALMER GREEN SHE SELLS I want to do something Why aren't I doing anything? "Its A Cultural Change Program" Unanticipated Consequences COBALT BLU Sustainability, Technology, Talent www.cobaltblu.com.au Jeff Dusting, Jeff@CobaltBlu.com.au Sarah Taylor, Sarah@CobaltBlu.com.au
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